Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

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Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by Henrik » ... 1907471081

The list of songs is in the table of contents. Could someone transcribe please? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by Henrik »

I'd be very grateful for help here. It's a great list btw.
Everyone you meet fights a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
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Re: Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by Chilton »

Chapter One: Roots and Sources (Before 1950)

Arizona Dranes - Lamb's Blood Has Washed Me Clean
Mahalia Jackson - Move On Up a Little Higher
The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi - Our Father
Bessie Griffin - Too Close to Heaven
The Soul Stirrers - Any Day Now
The Soul Stirrers - One More River
The Sensational Nightingales - Burying Ground
The Dixie Hummingbirds - I Just Want to Tell You
Bessie Smith - Young Woman's Blues
Roy Brown - Dreaming Blues
B.B. King - Ten Long Years
Elmore James - The Sky Is Crying
Nappy Brown - Baby, I Got News for You
Bobby Bland - Stormy Monday
Billie Holiday - When a Woman Loves a Man
Dinah Washington - Mad About the Boy
The Five Satins - (I'll Remember) In the Still of the Night
The Five Royales - Dedicated to the One I Love
Hank Williams - You Win Again
George Jones - Sometimes You Just Can't Win
Patsy Cline - When You Need a Laugh
Al Jolson - Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)
Bing Crosby - Temptation
Perry Como - Prisoner of Love
Frank Sinatra - We Kiss in a Shadow
Doris Day - Ten Cents a Dance

Chapter Two: 1952-62

The Dominoes - When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
The Dominoes - These Foolish Things
Little Jimmy Scott - Imagination
The Platters - Only You (And You Alone)
Little Willie John - Suffering with the Blues
Clyde McPhatter - Without Love (There Is Nothing)
The Chantels - Maybe
The Drifters - There Goes My Baby
Ray Charles - Come Rain or Come Shine
Jackie Wilson - A Woman, a Lover, a Friend
Little Willie John - A Cottage for Sale
Maxine Brown - All in My Mind
Bobby Bland - Cry, Cry, Cry
Little Willie John - You Hurt Me
Jackie Wilson - Doggin' Around
Etta James - At Last
James Brown - Lost Someone
Mitty Collier - I Gotta Get Away from It All
Timi Yuro - What's-a-Matter, Baby?
Little Willie John - Without a Friend
Barbara Lynn - You'll Lose a Good Thing
Chuck Jackson - Any Day Now
Sam Cooke - Bring It on Home to Me
Dionne Warwick - Don't Make Me Over
Ketty Lester - Love Letters

[Other Chapters later today]
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Re: Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by Henrik »

Many thanks, Chilton!
Everyone you meet fights a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
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Re: Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by JR »

Doesn't look like his personal Top 20 Deep Soul Ballads is viewable, but here are the entries listed in the table of contents (I did spell-check, so hopefully not too many typos lol):

Roots and Sources
Arizona Dranes, "Lamb's Blood Has Washed Me Clean" (1926)
Mahalia Jackson, "Move On Up a Little Higher" (1947)
The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, "Our Father" (1950)
Bessie Griffin, "Too Close to Heaven" (1953)
The Soul Stirrers, "Any Day Now" (1954)
The Soul Stirrers, "One More River" (1955)
The Sensational Nightingales, "Burying Ground" (1956)
The Dixie Hummngbirds, "I Just Want to Tell You" (1959)

Bessie Smith, "Woman's Blues" (1926)
Roy Brown, "Dreaming Blues" (1950)
B.B. King, "Ten Long Years" (1955)
Elmore James, "The Sky is Crying" (1960)
Nappy Brown, "Baby, I Got News For You" (1960)
Bobby Bland, "Stormy Monday" (1862)

Billie Holiday, "When a Woman Loves a Man" (1938)
Dinah Washington, "Mad About the Boy" (1952, 1962)

Rhythm 'n' Blues
The Five Satins, "(I'll Remember) In the Still of the Night" (1956)
The Five Royales, "Dedicated to the One I Love" (1957)

Hank Williams, "You Win Again" (1952)
George Jones, "Sometimes You Just Can't Win" (1962)
Patsy Cline, "When You Need a Laugh" (1963)

Mainstream Pop
Al Jolson, "Lizza (Al the Clouds'll Roll Away)" (1929)
Bing Crosby, "Temptation" (1933)
Perry Como, "Prisoner of Love" (1945)
Frank Sinatra, "We Kiss in a Shadow" (1951)
Doris Day, "Ten Cents a Dance" (1955)

The Dominoes, "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano" (1952)
The Dominoes, "Those Foolish Things" (1953)
Little Jimmy Scott, "Imagination" (1955)
The Platters, "Only You (And You Alone)" (1955)
Little Willie John, "Suffering With the Blues" (1956)
Clyde McPhatter, "Without Love (There is Nothing)" (1956)
The Chantels, "Maybe" (1957)
The Drifters, "There Goes My Baby" (1958)
Ray Charles, "Come Rain or Shine" (1959)
Jackie Wilson, "A Woman, a Lover, a Friend" (1960)
Little Willie John, "A Cottage For Sale" (1960)
Maxine Brown, "All in My Mind" (1960)
Bobby Bland, "Cry, Cry, Cry" (1960)
Little Willie John, "You Hurt Me" (1960)
Jackie Wilson, "Doggin' Around" (1960)
Etta James, "At Last" (1961)
James Brown, "Lost Someone" (1961)
Mitty Collier, "I Gotta Get Away From It All" (1961)
Timi Yuro, "What's-A-Matter, Baby?" (1962)
Little Willie John, "Without a Friend" (1962)
Barbara Lynn, "You'll Lose a Good Thing" (1962)
Chuck Jackson, "Any Day Now" (1962)
Sam Cooke, "Bring it on Home to Me" (1962)
Dionne Warwick, "Don't Make Me Over" (1962)
Ketty Lester, "Love Letters" (1962)

Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters, "Cry, Baby" (1963)
The Miracles, "Such is Love, Such is Life" (1963)
Otis Redding, "Pain is in My Heart" (1963)
Sam Cooke, "A Change is Gonna Come" (1964)
Jimmy Hughes, "Steal Away" (1964)
Solomon Burke, "Goodbye, Baby (Baby, Goodbye)" (1964)
Bessie Banks, "Go Now" (1964)
Ben E. King, "It's All Over" (1964)
Garnet Mimms, "It's Just a Matter of Time" (1964)
Brenda Holloway, "I've Been Good to You" (1965)
Bobby Bland, "Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)" (1965)
Fred Hughes, "Oo Wee, Baby, I Love You" (1965)
Otis Redding, "I've Been Loving You Too Long" (1965)
Bettye LaVette, "Let Me Down Easy" (1965)
Jackie Wilson, "No Pity (in the Naked City)" (1965)
Loretta Williams, "I'm Missing You" (1965)
Nina Simone, "Strange Fruit" (1965)

Irma Thomas, "I Haven't Got Time to Cry" (1966)
Wilson Pickett, "6-3-4-5-7-8-9" (1966)
Mattie Moultrie, "That's How Strong My Love Is" (1966)
Percy Sledge, "When a Man Loves a Woman" (1966)
Eddie Floyd, "Got to Make a Comeback" (1966)
James Brown, "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" (1966)
Betty Harris, "What'd I Do Wrong?" (1966)
Jimmy Beaumont, "You Got Too Much Going For You" (1966)
Otis Redding, "My Lover's Prayer" (1966)
Jackie Robbins, "I Made it Over" (1966)
Lorraine Ellison, "Stay With Me" (1966)
Kenny Carter, "Showdown" (1966)
Mable John, "Your Good Thing (is About to End)" (1966)
Garnet Mimms, "I'll Take Good Care of You" (1966)
Darrell Banks, "Open the Door to Your Heart" (1966)
Percy Sledge, "It Tears Me Up" (1966)
Ruby Johnson, "I'll Run Your Hurt Away" (1966)
Jarvis Jackson, "Something I Never Had" (1966)
Howard Tate, "Ain't Nobody Home" (1966)
James Carr, "The Dark End of the Street" (1967)
Garnet Mimms, "The Truth Hurts" (1963/1967)
Etta James, "I'd Rather Go Blind" (1967)
Sam and Dave, "When Something is Wrong with My Baby" (1967)
The Four Tops, "Bernadette" (1967)
Erma Franklin, "Piece of My Heart" (1967)
Z.Z. Hill, "Nothing Can Change This Love" (1967)
Aretha Franklin, "I Never Loved a Man (the Way I Love You)" (1967)
Toussaint McCall, "Nothing Takes the Place of You" (1967)
Gladys Knight and the Pips, "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" (1967)
Bettye Swann, "I Will Not Cry" (1967)
Freddy Scott, "Am I Grooving You?" (1967)
Sam and Dave, "May I, Baby?" (1967)
Carl Hall, "You Don't Know Nothing About Love" (1967)
Aretha Franklin, "Baby, I Love You" (1967)
Bobby Womack, "Somebody Special" (1967)

The Masqueraders, "Let's Face Facts" (1968)
Bill Brandon, "Rainbow Road" (1968)
Tyrone Davis, "Can I Change My Mind?" (1968)
Barbra West, "Anyone But You" (1968)
Willie Walker, "From Warm to Cook to Cold" (1968)
Clay Hammond, "I'll Make it Up to You" (1968)
James Carr, "A Message to Young Lovers" (1968)
Big John Hamilton, "How Much Can a Man take?" (1968)
Candi Staton, "I'm Just a Prisoner (of Your Good Lovin')" (1969)
O.V. Wright, "This Hurt is Real" (1969)
Stevie Wonder, "Don't Know Why I Love You" (1969)
Doris Allen, "A Shell of a Woman" (1969)
The Edwin Hawkins Singers, "Oh, Happy Day" (1969)
O.V. Wright, "I'll Take Care of You" (1969)
Doris Duke, "Ghost of Myself" (1970)
Mavis Staples, "Since I Fell For You" (1970)
Aretha Franklin, "Don't Play That Song" (1970)
O.V. Wright, "A Nickel and a Nail" (1971)
Linda Jones, "For Your Precious Love" (1972)
Al Green, "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?" (1972)
Linda Jones, "I Can't Make It Alone" (1972)
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, "If You Don't Know Me By Now" (1972)
Ann Peebles, "I Can't Stand the Rain" (1973)
Etta James, "Down So Low" (1973)
Ann Peebles, "One Way Street" (1973)
Bobby Bland, "This Time I'm Gone For Good" (1973)
O.V. Wright, "Drowning on Dry Land" (1973)
Millie Jackson, "How Do You Feel the Morning After?" (1974)
Stevie Wonder, "Joy Inside My Tears" (1976)
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Re: Laurence Cole (UK) - Deep Soul Ballads (2011)

Post by Chilton »

Chapter Three: 1963-5

Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters - Cry, Baby
The Miracles - Such Is Love, Such Is Life
Otis Redding - Pain in My Heart
Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
Jimmy Hughes - Steal Away
Solomon Burke - Goodbye, Baby (Baby, Goodbye)
Bessie Banks - Go Now
Ben E. King - It's All Over
Garnet Mimms - It's Just a Matter of Time
Brenda Holloway - I've Been Good to You
Bobby Bland - Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
Fred Hughes - Oo Wee, Baby, I Love You
Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long
Bettye LaVette - Let Me Down Easy
Jackie Wilson - No Pity (In the Naked City)
Loretta Williams - I'm Missing You
Nina Simone - Strange Fruit

Chapter Four: 1966-7

Irma Thomas - I Haven't Got Time to Cry
Wilson Pickett - 6-3-4-5-7-8-9
Mattie Moultrie - That's How Strong My Love Is
Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman
Eddie Floyd - Got to Make a Comeback
James Brown - It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Betty Harris - What'd I Do Wrong?
Jimmy Beaumont - You Got Too Much Going for You
Otis Redding - My Lover's Prayer
Jimmy Robins - I Made It Over
Lorraine Ellison - Stay with Me
Kenny Carter - Showdown
Mable John - Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
Garnet Mimms - I'll Take Good Care of You
Darrell Banks - Open the Door to Your Heart
Percy Sledge - It Tears Me Up
Ruby Johnson - I'll Run Your Hurt Away
Jarvis Jackson - Something I Never Had
Howard Tate - Ain't Nobody Home
James Carr - The Dark End of the Street
Garnet Mimms - The Truth Hurts
Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind
Sam and Dave - When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
The Four Tops - Bernadette
Erma Franklin - Piece of My Heart
Z.Z. Hill - Nothing Can Change This Love
Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)
Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes the Place of You
Gladys Knight and the Pips - I Heard It Through the Grapevine
Bettye Swann - I Will Not Cry
Freddy Scott - Am I Grooving You?
Sam and Dave - May I, Baby?
Carl Hall - You Don't Know Nothing About Love
Aretha Franklin - Baby, I Love You
Bobby Womack - Somebody Special

Chapter Five: 1968-76

The Masqueraders - Let's Face Facts
Bill Brandon - Rainbow Road
Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind?
Barbara West - Anyone But You
Willie Walker - From Warm to Cool to Cold
Clay Hammond - I'll Make It Up to You
James Carr - A Message to Young Lovers
Big John Hamilton - How Much Can a Man Take?
Candi Staton - I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')
O.V. Wright - This Hurt Is Real
Stevie Wonder - Don't Know Why I Love You
Doris Allen - A Shell of a Woman
The Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh, Happy Day
O.V. Wright - I'll Take Care of You
Doris Duke - Ghost of Myself
Mavis Staples - Since I Fell for You
Aretha Franklin - Don't Play That Song
O.V. Wright - A Nickel and a Nail
Linda Jones - For Your Precious Love
Al Green - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Linda Jones - I Can't Make It Alone
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me by Now
Ann Peebles - I Can't Stand the Rain
Etta James - Down So Low
Ann Peebles - One Way Street
Bobby Bland - This Time I'm Gone for Good
O.V. Wright - Drowning on Dry Land
Millie Jackson - How Do You Feel the Morning After?
Stevie Wonder - Joy Inside My Tears
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