Top 50 Aphex Twin songs - FACT Magazine

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Top 50 Aphex Twin songs - FACT Magazine

Post by Jackson »

Nice to see an artist-specific list for someone outside The Beatles/Dylan/Stones/Springsteen. I'm sure huge Aphex Twin fans have a problem with a lot of these rankings but I found the list enjoyable and it introduced me to some of his more obscure material / side projects.

There are numerous complexities with the list, as work under Aphex Twin's numerous side projects and aliases is included as well as a few remixes and collaborations (not to mention how bizarre many of his song titles are). Still, I hope it can be counted.

1. Analogue Bubblebath
2. Untitled (lichen)
3. Windowlicker
4. On
5. Quoth (as Polygon Window)
6. Xtal
7. PWSteal.Bancos.Q (as AFX)
8. Flim
9. Alberto Balsalm
10. Freeman Hardy Willis Acid (with Squarepusher)
11. Girl/Boy Song
12. Didgeridoo
13. mookid
14. Laughable Butane Bob
15. Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix)
16. Blue Calx
17. Ventolin (Salbutomol Mix)
18. Tha
19. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
20. Avril 14
21. Untitled (Cuckoo) (as AFX)
22. IZ-US
23. VBS.Redlof.B (as AFX)
24. Flow Coma (808 State remix)
25. 4
26. Untitled (Cliffs)
27. Pac-Man (Power Pill Mix)
28. Polygon Window (as The Dice Man)
29. Phlange Phace
30. Clayhill Dub (as Caustic Window)
31. Yellow Calx
32. Acrid Avid Jam Shred
33. Icct Hedral (Philip Glass Orchestration)
34. .000890569
35. Green Calx
36. Laricheard (as AFX)
37. At the Heart of It All
38. Every Day (as AFX)
39. Klopjob (as AFX)
40. If It Really Is Me (as Polygon Window)
41. Stone in Focus
42. Donkey Rhubarb
43. Debase, Soft Palate (Mike Flowers Pops remix)
44. Cock/Ver10
45. Mr Frosty (as Mike & Rich)
46. CAT 00897-AA1 (as AFX)
47. Untitled (as B. Strider)
48. Beetles
49. Heroes (David Bowie remix)
50. Last Rushup 10 (as The Tuss)

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Re: Top 50 Aphex Twin songs - FACT Magazine

Post by o.m. »

Great illustration of what has been said lately...But a little bit disappointed that HELIOSPHAN doesn't appear...(one of my all time favourite!). Check this beautiful piece of music guys!
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