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Information on My Projects

Postby letmeintomyzone » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:36 am

Dear AcclaimedMusic,

I have halted progress on my 100 Most Acclaimed Comics and 100 Most Acclaimed TV Shows, due to personal projects, things affecting my mental and physical health, including lack of sleep, diet and exercise, and I really have trouble organizing the amount of information contained within both lists, especially the more difficult Comics one.

I've also been obsessed with finding best of the year lists from the 2000s, hoping to find lists for the best TV shows from 2001 and up, and the information on BOTY lists from TV, music, film from the past is very scarce, and this has hindered me a bit, feeling the lack of information is disheartening.

I may go back to these projects, but I've been halted on it a bit, and AcclaimedMusic isn't a fast forum, so I usually don't get a lot of buzz anyway. I know this may sound like a pity-party, but I've gotten into a lot of fights with my father and been more mentally aggressive, and I just want to get some things in other.

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