Films of the 1980s: Recommendation thread

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Films of the 1980s: Recommendation thread

Postby Petri » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:07 pm

I start a recommendation thread. Be free to recommend any movie from 1980s.

I will recommend for every year a favorite movie that definitely needs more viewers that it would have any chance to qualify (and maybe not even then). And then I recommend a movie that wasn’t in the final last time but will have a good chance to be there this time (it still may need few more points). I decided to recommend only one movie by director.
I may add pictures later.


Permanent Vacation. (Jim Jarmusch)
Jim Jarmusch’s debut has been often overlooked because his later later masterpieces. It do seem a first feature made with no money (which it is) but the atmosphere is so unique that it alone puts this on the top 5 of the year.

Mon oncle d'Amérique [My American Uncle] (Alan Resnais)
One of the better known Alain Resnais movies (made after 60’s) is doing pretty well in the 1980 poll.

Pelle Svanslös [Peter-No-Tail] (Jan Gissberg, Stig Lasseby)
Apart from some Ghibli masterpieces this is Swedish movie is my favorite animation of the decade. I’m not sure would you love this as much as I do if you see this first time as an adult. Still recommend to every one who watches animation movies. Forget the sequal.

Pixote, a lei do mais fraco [Pixote, the Law of the Weakest] (Hector Babenco)
Very harsh Brazilian movie that follows a young teenager who lives in the streets of Sao Paulo. Highly recommend to every one who likes City of God.


Arvottomat [The Worthless] (Mika Kaurismäki)
A Finnish road movie directed by Mika Kaurismäki (Big brother of Aki Kaurismäki who wrote the screenplay).

Koyaanisqatsi (1982) (Godfrey Reggio)
This experimental essay film documentary was already in the super final (with wild card vote) so hopefully it qualifies this time.

Rikos ja rangaistus [Crime and Punishment] (Aki Kaurismäki)
The feauture debut by Aki Kaurismäki is something else than his later works. A very good adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel, set in modern Helsinki. Highly recommend every other movie by Aki Kaurismäki too.

De vierde man [The Fourth Man] (Paul Verhoeven)
1983 could be the weakest year in movies in the 1980s. I recommend this to everyone who likes Paul Verhoeven’s sex movies. In my books this is better than Basic Instinct.


黄土地 [Yellow Earth] (Chen Kaige)
Chen Kaige’s debut is one of the most essential films of Fifth generation.

Forbrydelsens element [The Element of Crime] (Lars von Trier)
Tarkovsky meets Hitchcock. Definitely something else than von Trier has done since Breaking the Waves. If Greg and Michel keep voting this in the final for sure.

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (Paul Schrader)
A fictionalized story of real life Japanese writer Yukio Mishima.

Otac na službenom putu [When Father Was Away on Business] (1985) (Emir Kustruica)
Kusturica’s breakthrough won Palme d'Or deservingly.

When the Wind Blows (Jimmy T. Murakami)
If Grave of the Fireflies is the saddest movie ever this is good second. A beautifully animated British movie follows an old couple living in the thread of nuclear war.

天空の城ラピュタ [Laputa: Castle in the Sky] (1986) (Hayao Miyazaki)
Hopefully Miyazaki’s masterpiece will qualify this time.

倩女幽魂 [A Chinese Ghost Story] (Siu-Tung Ching)
A pre-teen favorite of mine which I have seen twice after that (and still liked it). The theme song is good indicator whether you will like this or not. :)

红高粱 [Red Sorghum] (Zhang Yimou)
The directional debut by Zhang Yimou is my favorite of his movies. Again a different marriage story.

The year is full of movies I could have expected to seen in the final last time: Beetlejuice, The Naked Gun, Akira, Ariel, Time of the Gypsies… My first pick is my #14 of its year.

Drowning by Numbers. (Peter Greenaway)
Peter Greenaway's gritty naturism works well in this black comedy. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (1989) is even better and more rancid.

The Thin Blue Line (Errol Morris)
Perfect documentary by Errol Morris proves that movies can safe lives.

Meet the Feebles (Peter Jackson)
Favorite of Peter Jackson’s movies. A gross and distrubing puppet stop-motion animation. Who could ask more. :D

Der siebente Kontinent [The Seventh Continent] (Michael Haneke)
Feature film debut by Haneke is pure well Haneke. Shocking movie leaves you speechless and stagnant.

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