Yomiuri Shimbun - Heisei period 30 most famous J-Pop albums (2018)

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Yomiuri Shimbun - Heisei period 30 most famous J-Pop albums (2018)

Post by Pierre » Wed May 09, 2018 1:01 pm

Found here:

https://rateyourmusic.com/list/Absoluti ... 7%9B%A430/

I'm not sure the list is eligible (the title clearly says "famous", not "best"; the AKB48 album for instance has been fried by Japanese critics but most other artists here, based on my experience, do enjoy a decent amount of recognition), but I'm posting it anyway. The list appears to actually be in chronological order. To be clear, the Heisei period started in 1989 (when Akihito became the emperor), and should end next year (when Akihito will abdicate).

The three authors of the list are Marty Friedman (of 1990s Megadeth fame), music journalist Shiba Tomonori and Daiki Ishiguro of Tower Records (Japanese CD retailer independent of the U.S. chain since 2002).

Just like for all the Japanese lists I've posted over the years, I made it as clear and simple as possible, transferring all the names in the Roman alphabet, and putting the firstnames and last names in the Western order, so you guys don't have to worry at all about that. Since my Japanese is fragmentary, errors are always possible, but I'm confident in my work. Below, the albums are listed with the usual presentation "Act name | Album title | release year".

Yasuyuki Okamura | Katei Kyōshi | 1990
X Japan | Jealousy | 1991
Mr. Children | Atomic Heart | 1994
Kenji Ozawa | Life | 1994
Spitz | Hachimitsu | 1995
B'z | Loose | 1995
globe | globe | 1996
Fishmans | Kūchū Camp | 1996
Ulfuls | Banzai | 1996
Judy and Mary | The Power Source | 1997
Yuzu | Yuzu Ikka | 1998
Hikaru Utada | First Love | 1999
Hi-Standard | Making the Road | 1999
Sheena Ringo | Muzai Moratorium | 1999
Morning Musume | Second Morning | 1999
Aiko | Sakura no Ki no Shita | 2000
Southern All Stars | Ballads 3 ~The Album of Love~ | 2000 [Compilation]
Bump of Chicken | Jupiter | 2000
Aya Matsuura | T.W.O | 2003
Ayaka Hirahara | Odyssey | 2004
Namie Amuro | Queen of Hip-Pop | 2005
Maximum the Hormone | Bu-ikikaesu | 2007
Perfume | Game | 2008
AKB48 | Koko no Ita Koto | 2011
Momoiro Clover Z | Fifth Dimension | 2011
Babymetal | Metal Resistance | 2016
Gen Hoshino | Yellow Dancer | 2015
Ikimono-gakari | Chō Ikimonobakari ~Tennen Kinen Members Best Selection~ | 2016 [compilation]
Kenshi Yonezu | Bootleg | 2017

Here of the few albums I've listened to, I highly recommend Kūchū Camp by Fishmans, a wonderful little dream(ish) pop album. For the rest, I see they're taking the definition of J-Pop very freely, as the list does feature some pretty violent bands (X Japan, Hi-Standard, Maximum the Hormone, and, well, Babymetal, but their case is more complicated).

There are a few surprises here: X Japan's Jealousy instead of their usual most acclaimed Blue Blood, or Sheena Ringo's Muzai Moratorium, as I thought her most famous album was Shōso Strip. I guess it's harder to judge from outside.

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Re: Yomiuri Shimbun - Heisei period 30 most famous J-Pop albums (2018)

Post by prosecutorgodot » Mon May 14, 2018 8:32 pm

Ooh, I should check out some of these. Thanks for the list.

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Re: Yomiuri Shimbun - Heisei period 30 most famous J-Pop albums (2018)

Post by Nowhere Man » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:56 am

Considering the proposal of the list, I'm really surprised that Ayumi Hamasaki didn't make the cut.

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