Roadie Crew: anniversary lists (2011, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

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Roadie Crew: anniversary lists (2011, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Post by Pierre » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:34 pm

Looks like they started a thirtieth anniversary thing in 2010 with the 1980 list I already posted, continued in 2011 for 1981, then gave up on it and resumed them in 2014 and 2015 for 1984 and 1985, only this time making lists of songs rather than albums. Given how I'm catching these lists, I can't get those songs lists. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 they reverted back to album lists and I managed to snatch them. The 1988 and 1989 appear noticeably bigger - it's because there are bonus sections; the 1987 already had a bonus section but I can't get it on the website because of the resolution. They appear to loop back to 1980 in 2020.

Anyway, therefore here come the lists for 1981, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 and 1980 new edition.

1981 (The 81 best albums of 1981)

.38 Special | Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
AC/DC | For Those About to Rock, We Salute You
Accept | Breaker
Anvil | Hard 'n' Heavy
April Wine | The Nature of the Beast
Balance | Balance [Note: Balance (10) on Discogs]
Barón Rojo | Larga vida al Rock and Roll
Black Flag | Damaged ... e2ea30d0a9
Black Sabbath | Mob Rules
Blackfoot | Marauder
Blue Öyster Cult | Fire of Unknown Origin
Brad Whitford & Derek St. Holmes | Whitford/St. Holmes
Challenger | First Round [Note: some obscure band from France, Challenger (7) on Discogs]
Cirith Ungol | Frost and Fire
Cozy Powell | Tilt
Crown | We Need You [Note: Crown (7) on Discogs]
Crysys | Hard as Rock
Dark Star | Dark Star
Def Leppard | High 'n' Dry
Demon | Night of the Demon
Doc Holliday | Doc Holliday
The Exploited | Punks Not Dead.
Foreigner | 4
Gaskin | End of the World
Gillan | Future Shock
Girlschool | Hit and Run
Goddo | Best Seat in the House
Grand Funk | Grand Funk Lives
The Handsome Beasts | Beastiality
Hanoi Rocks | Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks
Heavy Metal Army | Heavy Metal Army 1
Holocaust | The Nightcomers
Iron Maiden | Killers
Iron Maiden | Maiden Japan
Jackpot | Full House [Note: from Germany, Jackpot (19) on Discogs]
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts | I Love Rock 'n Roll
The Joe Perry Project | I've Got the Rock'n'Rolls Again
Journey | Escape
Judas Priest | Point of Entry
Killer | Ready for Hell [Note: from Belgium, Killer (10) on Discogs]
KISS | Music from "The Elder"
Legend | Legend [Note: from the island of Jersey, Legend (22) on Discogs]
Loudness | The Birthday Eve
Loverboy | Get Lucky
Lucifer's Friend | Mean Machine
Made in Brazil | Minha vida é rock 'n' roll
The Michael Schenker Group | MSG
More | Warhead [Note: More (4) on Discogs]
Mötley Crüe | Too Fast for Love
Motörhead | No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
Nazareth | 'Snaz
Obús | Preparate
Ocean | Ocean [Note: some obscure band from France, Ocean (8) on Discogs]
Ozzy Osbourne | Diary of a Madman
Patrulha do Espaço | Patrulha do Espaço [1981] [Note: this band ain't fond of album titles, it's necessary to indicate the release year]
Peter Frampton | Breaking All the Rules
Picture | Heavy Metal Ears
Praying Mantis | Time Tells No Lies
Rainbow | Difficult to Cure
Raven | Rock Until You Drop
Riff | Ruedas de metal
Riot | Fire Down Under
The Rods | The Rods
Rose Tattoo | Assault & Battery
Rush | Exit... Stage Left
Rush | Moving Pictures
Samson | Shock Tactics
Saracen | Heros, Saints & Fools
Saxon | Denim and Leather
Starfighters | Starfighters
Start | En Hún Snýst Nú Samt [Note: from Iceland, Start (2) on Discogs]
Ted Nugent | Intensities in 10 Cities
Thin Lizzy | Renegade
Trapeze | Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos
Triumph | Allied Forces
Trust | Marche ou crève/Savage [Note: Marche ou crève is the title of the French edition, Savage is the title of the international edition]
Tygers of Pan Tang | Spellbound
Van Halen | Fair Warning
Various Artists | Heavy Metal - Music from the Motion Picture [Note: should be eligible, as only three or four songs out of 16 are not original]
Venom | Welcome to Hell
Whitesnake | Come an' Get It

1986 (list of albums "which stood the test of time")

Accept | Russian Roulette
Alice Cooper | Constrictor
Alta Tensão | Portal do Inferno [actually 1987]
Astaroth | Na Luz da Conquista
Azul Limão | Vingança
Bad Company | Fame and Fortune
Black 'n Blue | Nasty Nasty
Black Sabbath | Seventh Star
Bon Jovi | Slippery When Wet
Candlemass | Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Centurias | Ultima Noite
Chariot | Burning Ambition [actually 1987]
Chastain | Ruler of the Wasteland
Cinderella | Night Songs
Crimson Glory | Crimson Glory
Dark Angel | Darkness Descends
David Lee Roth | Eat 'Em and Smile
Destruction | Eternal Devastation
Dorsal Atlântica | Antes do Fim
Emerson, Lake & Powell | Emerson, Lake & Powell
Europe | The Final Countdown
Exciter | Unveiling the Wicked
Exumer | Possessed by Fire
Fates Warning | Awaken the Guardian
Flotsam and Jetsam | Doomsday for the Deceiver
Golpe de Estado | Golpe de Estado
Grave Digger | War Games
Great White | Shot in the Dark
Guns N' Roses | Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide
Hirax | Hate, Fear and Power
Inox | Inox
Iron Angel | Winds of War
Iron Maiden | Somewhere in Time
Joe Satriani | Not of This Earth
Journey | Raised on Radio
Judas Priest | Turbo
Keel | The Final Frontier
King Diamond | Fatal Portrait
King Kobra | Thrill of a Lifetime
Kreator | Pleasure to Kill
Krokus | Change of Address
Lizzy Borden | Menace to Society
Loudness | Lightning Strikes
Tony MacAlpine, Tommy Aldridge, Rob Rock & Rudy Sarzo/M.A.R.S. | Project: Driver
Megadeth | Peace Sells… But Who's Buying?
Metal Church | The Dark
Metallica | Master of Puppets
Motörhead | Orgasmatron
Nuclear Assault | Game Over
Onslaught | The Force
Ozzy Osbourne | The Ultimate Sin
Piledriver | Stay Ugly
Poison | Look What the Cat Dragged In
Possessed | Beyond the Gates
Queen | A Kind of Magic
Queensrÿche | Rage for Order
Quiet Riot | QR III
Racer X | Street Lethal
Ramones | Animal Boy
Ratos de Porão | Descanse em Paz
Ratt | Dancing Undercover
Raven | The Pack Is Back
The Rolling Stones | Dirty Work
Sacrifice | Torment in Fire
Savatage | Fight for the Rock
Saxon | Rock the Nations
Sepultura | Morbid Visions
Slayer | Reign in Blood
Sodom | Obsessed by Cruelty
Stormwitch | Stronger Than Heaven
Stryper | To Hell with the Devil
Survivor | When Seconds Count
Tankard | Zombie Attack
Taurus | Signo de Taurus
Tesla | Mechanical Resonance
Triumph | The Sport of Kings
Van Halen | 5150
Vinnie Moore | Mind's Eye
Vinnie Vincent Invasion | Vinnie Vincent Invasion
Voivod | Rrröööaaarrr
Vulcano | Bloody Vengeance
W.A.S.P. | Inside the Electric Circus
Various Artists | Warfare Noise
Warlock | True as Steel
Waysted | Save Your Prayers
Yngwie Malmsteem | Trilogy

1987 (list of "great albums")

Aerosmith | Permanent Vacation
Alice Cooper | Raise Your Fist and Yell
Anthrax | Among the Living
Anvil | Strength of Steel
Armored Saint | Raising Fear
Artillery | Terror Squad
Autograph | Loud and Clear
Bathory | Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone | Children of Madness
Black Sabbath | The Eternal Idol
Bonfire | Fireworks
Cacophony | Speed Metal Symphony
Candlemass | Nightfall
Celtic Frost | Into the Pandemonium
Chastain | The 7th of Never
Coroner | R.I.P.
D.R.I. | Crossover
Death | Scream Bloody Gore
Death Angel | The Ultra-Violence
Deep Purple | The House of Blue Light
Def Leppard | Hysteria
Destruction | Release from Agony [actually 1988]
Dio | Dream Evil
Dokken | Back for the Attack
Exodus | Pleasures of the Flesh
Exumer | Rising from the Sea
Faster Pussycat | Faster Pussycat
Foreigner | Inside Information
Ace Frehley | Frehley's Comet
Gary Moore | Wild Frontier
Great White | Once Bitten…
Grim Reaper | Rock You to Hell
Guns N' Roses | Appetite for Destruction
Helloween | Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I
Jethro Tull | Crest of a Knave
Joe Satriani | Surfing with the Alien
John Norum | Total Control
Judas Priest | Priest…Live!
Keel | Keel
King Diamond | Abigail
KISS | Crazy Nights
Kreator | Terrible Certainty
Lizzy Borden | Visual Lies
Loudness | Hurricane Eyes
Malice | License to Kill
Manowar | Fighting the World
Marillion | Clutching at Straws
McAuley Schenker Group | Perfect Timing
Metallica | The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited
M.O.D. | U.S.A. for M.O.D.
Michael Monroe | Nights Are So Long
Mötley Crüe | Girls, Girls, Girls
Motörhead | Rock 'n' Roll
Napalm Death | Scum
Nasty Savage | Indulgence
Overkill | Taking Over
Ozzy Osbourne | Randy Rhoads Tribute
Phenomena | Phenomena II: Dream Runner
Pink Floyd | A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pretty Maids | Future World
Ramones | Halfway to Sanity
Raven | Life's a Bitch
Running Wild | Under Jolly Roger
Rush | Hold Your Fire
Sacred Reich | Ignorance
Sacrifice | Forward to Termination
Sammy Hagar | I Never Said Goodbye
Savatage | Hall of the Mountain King
Slaughter | Strappado
Sodom | Persecution Mania
Suicidal Tendencies | Join the Army
Tankard | Chemical Invasion
Testament | The Legacy
The Cult | Electric
TNT | Tell No Tales
Trouble | Run to the Light
T.S.O.L. | Hit and Run
Twisted Sister | Love Is for Suckers
U.D.O. | Animal House
Voivod | Killing Technology
Warlock | Triumph and Agony
Whiplash | Ticket to Mayhem
White Lion | Pride
Whitesnake | Whitesnake/1987
Y&T | Contagious
Yes | Big Generator

1988 (88 best studio albums + bonus: live albums + bonus: more studio albums from 88)

AC/DC | Blow Up Your Video
Anthrax | State of Euphoria
Bad Company | Dangerous Age
Bathory | Blood Fire Death
Black 'n Blue | In Heat
Blind Guardian | Battalions of Fear
Blue Öyster Cult | Imaginos
Bolt Thrower | In Battle There Is No Law!
Bon Jovi | New Jersey
Britny Fox | Britny Fox
BulletBoys | BulletBoys
Cacophony | Go Off!
Candlemass | Ancient Dreams
Carcass | Reek of Putrefaction
Celtic Frost | Cold Lake
Chastain | The Voice of the Cult
Cheap Trick | Lap of Luxury
Cinderella | Long Cold Winter
Coroner | Punishment for Decadence
Crimson Glory | Transcendence
D.R.I. | 4 of a Kind
Danzig | Danzig
David Lee Roth | Skyscraper
Death | Leprosy
Death Angel | Frolic Through the Park
Europe | Out of This World
Fates Warning | No Exit
Flotsam and Jetsam | No Place for Disgrace
Forbidden | Forbidden Evil
Ace Frehley [as Frehley's Comet] | Second Sighting
Guns N' Roses | G N' R Lies
Helloween | Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part II
House of Lords | House of Lords
Hurricane | Over the Edge
Impelliteri | Stand in Line
Iron Maiden | Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Jason Becker | Perpetual Burn
Jimmy Page | Outrider
Joan Jett | Up Your Alley
Judas Priest | Ram It Down
King Diamond | "Them"
King Kobra | King Kobra III
Kingdom Come | Kingdom Come
King's X | Out of the Silent Planet
Kix | Blow My Fuse
L.A. Guns | L.A. Guns
Lillian Axe | Lillian Axe
Lita Ford | Lita
Living Colour | Vivid
Manowar | Kings of Metal
Marty Friedman | Dragon's Kiss
Megadeth | So Far, So Good... So What!
Metallica | ...And Justice for All
Napalm Death | From Enslavement to Obliteration
Nuclear Assault | Survive
Overkill | Under the Influence
Ozzy Osbourne | No Rest for the Wicked
Pantera | Power Metal
Pestilence | Malleus Maleficarum
Poison | Open Up and Say... Ahh!
Queensrÿche | Operation: Mindcrime
Quiet Riot | QR IV
Ratt | Reach for the Sky
Raven | Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
Razor | Violent Restitution
Riot | Thundersteel
Robert Plant | Now and Zen
Running Wild | Port Royal
Sanctuary | Refuge Denied
Saxon | Destiny
Scorpions | Savage Amusement
Slayer | South of Heaven
Stryper | In God We Trust
Suicidal Tendencies | How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today
Survivor | Too Hot to Sleep
Tankard | The Morning After
Testament | The New Order
Van Halen | OU812
Vicious Rumors | Digital Dictator
Vinnie Moore | Time Odyssey
Vinnie Vincent Invasion | All Systems Go
Vio-lence | Eternal Nightmare
Virgin Steele | Age of Consent
Vixen | Vixen
Voivod | Dimension Hätross
Winger | Winger
Yngwie Malmsteem | Odyssey
Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction | Tattooed Beat Messiah

Bonus: Live albums

Armored Saint | Saints Will Conquer
Deep Purple | Nobody's Perfect
Dokken | Beast from the East
Lynyrd Skynyrd | Southern by the Grace of God
Manilla Road | Roadkill
Marillion | The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)
Motörhead | Nö Sleep at All
Pink Floyd | Delicate Sound of Thunder
Racer X | Extreme Volume Live
Running Wild | Ready for Boarding
Sodom | Mortal Way of Live
Uriah Heep | Live in Moscow - Сам В Москве

Bonus: More studio albums from 88

Anthem | Gypsy Ways
Anvil | Pound for Pound
Atrophy | Socialized Hate
Barón Rojo | ¡No va más!
Blind Illusion | The Sane Asylum
Boulevard [as BLVD.] | BLVD.
Brighton Rock | Take a Deep Breath
Brocas Helm | Black Death
China | China
Cloven Hoof | Dominator
Dirty Looks | Cool from the Wire
Earthshaker | Smash
Fastway | On Target
Fate | Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Ace Frehley [as Frehley's Comet] | Live+1
Greg Howe | Greg Howe
GWAR | Hell-o!
Hawkwind | The Xenon Codex
Head East | Choice of Weapons
Hittman [as Hitt Man] | Hitt Man
Hobbs' Angel of Death | Hobbs' Angel of Death
Honeymoon Suite | Racing After Midnight
Iggy Pop | Instinct
Jane's Addiction | Nothing's Shocking
Jean Beauvoir | Jacknifed
Jetboy | Feel the Shake
Joshua | Intense Defense
Kansas | In the Spirit of Things
Keith Richards | Talk Is Cheap
Killer Dwarfs | Big Deal
Kings of the Sun | Kings of the Sun
KMFDM | Don't Blow Your Top
Krokus | Heart Attack
Kuni | Lookin' for Action
Legend | Time and Place
Leslie West | Theme
Loudness | Jealousy
Magnum | Wings of Heaven
Mark Farner | Just Another Injustice
Masi | Downtown Dreamers
Ministry | The Land of Rape and Honey
Odin | Fight for Your Life
Pat Benatar | Wide Awake in Dreamland
Pendragon | Kowtow
Petra | On Fire!
Precious Metal | That Kind of Girl
Robin Trower | Take What You Need
Rock City Angels | Young Man's Blues
Romeo's Daughter | Romeo's Daughter
Ronnie Montrose | The Speed of Sound
Roxx Gang | Things You've Never Done Before
S.A.D.O. | Dirty Fantasy
Sabbat | History of a Time to Come
Sadus | Illusions/Chemical Exposure
Saint Vitus | Mournful Cries
Scanner | Hypertrace
Seduce | Too Much, Ain't Enough
Show-Ya | Glamour
Sieges Even | Life Cycle
Smashed Gladys | Social Intercourse
Soundgarden | Ultramega OK
Stuart Hamm | Radio Free Albemuth
Sword | Sweet Dreams
Ted Nugent | If You Can't Lick 'Em... Lick 'Em
The Dogs D'Amour | In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
The Georgia Satellites | Open All Night
The Mission | Children
Toto | The Seventh One
UFO | Ain't Misbehavin'
Uncle Slam | Say Uncle
Vengeance Rising | Human Sacrifice
Whitecross | Hammer & Nail
Wrathchild | The Biz Suxx/The Biz Suxx (But We Don't Care)
X Japan | Vanishing Vision
Zed Yago | From Over Yonder
Zero Nine | Voodoo You

1989 (89 most important releases); Brazilian and live albums have dedicated sections)

Accept | Eat the Heat
Ace Frehley | Trouble Walkin'
Aerosmith | Pump
Alice Cooper | Trash
Annihilator | Alice in Hell
ASAP | Silver and Gold
Autopsy | Severed Survival
Axel Rudi Pell | Wild Obsession
Babylon A.D. | Babylon A.D.
Bad English | Bad English
Badlands | Badlands
Bang Tango | Psycho Café
Black Sabbath | Headless Cross
Blind Guardian | Follow the Blind
Blue Murder | Blue Murder
Bolt Thrower | Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness
Bonfire | Point Blank
Bonham | The Disregard of Timekeeping
Britny Fox | Boys in Heat
Candlemass | Tales of Creation
Carcass | Symphonies of Sickness
Coroner | No More Color
D:A:D | No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims
D.R.I. | Thrash Zone
Danger Danger | Danger Danger
Dark Angel | Leave Scars
Doro | Force Majeure
Dream Theater | When Dream and Day Unite
Enuff Z'Nuff | Enuff Z'Nuff
Exodus | Fabulous Disaster
Extreme | Extreme
EZO | Fire Fire
Faith No More | The Real Thing
Faster Pussycat | Wake Me When It's Over
Fates Warning | Perfect Symmetry
Fifth Angel | Time Will Tell
Gary Moore | After the War
Great White | ...Twice Shy
Jethro Tull | Rock Island
Joe Satriani | Flying in a Blue Dream
King Diamond | Conspiracy
Kingdom Come | In Your Face
KISS | Hot in the Shade
Kreator | Extreme Aggression
L.A. Guns | Cocked & Loaded
Lizzy Borden | Master of Disguise
Loudness | Soldier of Fortune
Marillion | Seasons End
Metal Church | Blessing in Disguise
Ministry | The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Morbid Angel | Altars of Madness
Mordred | Fool's Game
Mötley Crüe | Dr. Feelgood
Mr Big | Mr Big
Nuclear Assault | Handle with Care
Obituary | Slowly We Rot
Onslaught | In Search of Sanity
Overkill | The Years of Decay
Pestilence | Consuming Impulse
Pink Cream 69 | Pink Cream 69
Pretty Boy Floyd | Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
Queen | The Miracle
Ramones | Brain Drain
Red Hot Chili Peppers | Mother's Milk
The Rolling Stones | Steel Wheels
Running Wild | Death or Glory
Rush | Presto
Savatage | Gutter Ballet
Shotgun Messiah | Shotgun Messiah
Skid Row | Skid Row
Sodom | Agent Orange
Soundgarden | Louder Than Love
Steve Jones | Fire & Gasoline
Steve Stevens | Atomic Playboys
Suicidal Tendencies | Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit... Déjà Vu
Terrorizer | World Downfall
Tesla | The Great Radio Controversy
Testament | Practice What You Preach
The Cult | Sonic Temple
TNT | Intuition
Treat | Organized Crime
U.D.O. | Mean Machine
Uriah Heep | Raging Silence
Venom | Prime Evil
Voivod | Nothingface
W.A.S.P. | The Headless Children
White Lion | Big Game
White Zombie | Make Them Die Slowly
Whitesnake | Slip of the Tongue

Bonus: more 1989 important releases

24-7 Spyz | Harder Than You
Acid Reign | The Fear
Alex Masi | Attack of the Neon Shark
Angelica | Angelica
Anthem | Hunting Time
Bad Brains | Quickness
Bad Habit | After Hours
Bam Bam Boys | Bam Bam Boys
Bang Tango | Live Injection
Banshee | Race Against Time
Barón Rojo ‎| Obstinato
Barren Cross | State of Control
Beau Nasty | Dirty But Well Dressed
Believer | Extraction from Mortality
Billy Sheehan | The Talas Years
Bitch | A Rose by Any Other Name
Blacksmith | Fire from Within
Blues Saraceno | Never Look Back
Bride | Silence Is Madness
Carcass | The Peel Sessions
Cats in Boots | Kicked & Klawed
Cher | Heart of Stone
China | Sign in the Sky
Circus of Power | Still Alive…
Cloven Hoof | A Sultan's Ransom
Cro-Mags | Best Wishes
Crossbones | Crossbones
Cry Wolf | Cry Wolf
Da Vinci | Back in Business
Dalton | Injection
Dan Reed Network | Slam
Dangerous Toys | Dangerous Toys
Dare Force | Firepower
Deadringer | Electrocution of the Heart
Devastation | Signs of Life
Diamond Rexx | Rated Rexx [1990]
Dirty Blonde | Passion
Dirty Looks | Turn of the Screw
Diving for Pearls | Diving for Pearls
Doc Holliday | Song for the Outlaw – Live
The Dogs D'Amour | Errol Flynn
Domain | Before the Storm
Drive, She Said | Drive, She Said
Earthshaker | Treachery
Electric Boys | Funk-o-Metal Carpet Ride
Evildead | Annihilation of Civilization
Excel | The Joke's on You
Fahrenheit | Talking 'Bout Love
Fiona | Heart Like a Gun
FM | Tough It Out
Forced Entry | Uncertain Future
Gary Hughes | Big Bad Wolf
The Georgia Satellites | In the Land of Salvation and Sin
Giant | Last of the Runaways
Glory | Danger in This Game
Godflesh | Streetcleaner
Golden Earring | Keeper of the Flame
Gorky Park | Gorky Park/Park Gor'kogo
Grinder | Dead End
Gringos Locos | Punch Drunk
Guardian | First Watch
Gun | Taking on the World
Heavy Pettin | Big Bang
Heir Apparent | One Small Voice
Helstar | Nosferatu
Holy Moses | The New Machine of Liechtenstein
Honeymoon Suite | The Singles [compilation]
Howe II | High Gear
Icon | Right Between the Eyes
Jack Starr Burning Starr | Jack Starr Burning Starr
Jailhouse | Alive in a Mad World
Junkyard | Junkyard
Keel | Larger Than Live
Kill for Thrills | Commercial Suicide
King's X | Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
Lȧȧz Rockit | Annihilation Principle
Last Crack | Sinister Funkhouse #17
Leather | Shock Waves
Leatherwolf | Street Ready
Lee Aaron | Bodyrock
Lillian Axe | Love + War
Lion | Trouble in Angel City
Little Angels | Don't Prey for Me
Little Caesar | Name Your Poison
Living Death | Worlds Neuroses
Lou Gramm | Long Hard Look
Loudblast | Sensorial Treatment
Macabre | Gloom
Magnum | Invasion Live
Marshall Law | Marshall Law
McAuley Schenker Group | Save Yourself
Mekong Delta | The Principle of Doubt
Mercy | King Doom
Meshuggah | Meshuggah/Psykisk Testbild
Michael Monroe | Not Fakin' It
Midas Touch | Presage of Disaster
Molly Hatchet | Lightning Strikes Twice
Morgoth | Resurrection Absurd
Mortal Sin | Face of Despair
Nasty Idols | Gigolos on Parole
Nasty Savage | Penetration Point
Nazareth | Snakes 'N' Ladders
Neal Schon | Late Nite
Nirvana | Bleach
Nitro | O.F.R.
Paradox | Heresy
Pariah | Blaze of Obscurity
Paul Raymond Project | Under the Rising Sun
Phantom Blue | Phantom Blue
Poltergeist | Depression
Rage | Secrets in a Weird World
Repulsion | Horrified
Reverend | Reverend
Richie Kotzen | Richie Kotzen
Rigor Mortis | Freaks
Riot | Riot Live
Robin Beck | Trouble or Nothin'
Rollins Band | Hard Volume
Rotting Christ & Sound Pollution | The Other Side of Life
Sabbat | Dreamweaver – Reflections of Our Yesterdays
Sacred Warrior | Master's Command
Sacrilege | Turn Back Trilobite
Saga | The Beginner's Guide to Throwing Shapes
Saraya | Saraya
Shakin' Street | Live and Raw!
Shark Island | Law of the Order
Shok Paris | Concrete Killers
Show-Ya | Outerlimits
Signal | Loud & Clear
Silent Rage | Don't Touch Me There
Starship | Love Among the Cannibals
Starz | Live in Action
Status Quo | Perfect Remedy
Steve Lukather | Lukather
Steve Morse | High Tension Wires
Stormwitch | Magyarországon/Live in Budapest
Strangeways | Walk in the Fire
Stratovarius | Fright Night
Streetheart | Streetheart/Over 60 Minutes With… [compilation]
Stuart Hamm | Kings of Sleep
Swedish Erotica | Swedish Erotica
Tangier | Four Winds
Titan Force | Titan Force
Tokyo Blade | No Remorse
Tony Carey | The Story So Far [compilation]
Tora Tora | Surprise Attack
Torino | Rock It
Toxik | Think This
Trance | Back in Trance [as Trancemission]
Trans Am | Fasten Seatbelts
Trevor Rabin | Can't Look Away
TT Quick | Sloppy Seconds
Unseen Terror | The Peel Sessions
Vain | No Respect
Various Artists | Stairway to Heaven/Highway to Hell
Vengeance | Arabia
Victory | Culture Killed the Native
Voodoo X | Vol. I: The Awakening
Watchtower | Control and Resistance
Whiplash | Insult to Injury
Whitecross | Triumphant Return
Winter Rose | Winter Rose [apparently released in 1997]
Wolfsbane | Live Fast, Die Fast
Wrathchild | Delirium
Wrathchild America | Climbin' the Walls
X Japan | Blue Blood
Xentrix | Shattered Existence
Zed Yago | Pilgrimage

Bonus: Live Albums

Agnostic Front | Live at the CBGB
Anvil | Past and Present - Live and Concert
Destruction | Live Without Sense
Forbidden | Raw Evil (Live at the Dynamo)
Helloween | Live in the U.K.
Primus | Suck on This
Rush | A Show of Hands
Sacred Reich | Alive at the Dynamo
Saxon | Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies
Yngwie Malmsteem | Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad

1989 Brazilian albums

Ratos de Porão | Brasil
Sepultura | Beneath the Remains
Viper | Theatre of Fate

1980 albums - works that became classics of heavy rock

AC/DC | Back in Black
Accept | I'm a Rebel
Alice Cooper | Flush the Fashion
The Allman Brothers Band | Reaching for the Sky
Angel Witch | Angel Witch
Atomic Rooster | Atomic Rooster
Axe | Living on the Edge
Black Sabbath | Heaven and Hell
Blackfoot | Tomcattin'
Blue Öyster Cult | Cultösaurus Erectus
Budgie | Power Supply
Cheap Trick | All Shook Up
Dead Kennedys | Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Def Leppard | On Through the Night
Diamond Head | Lightning to the Nations
Fandango | Cadillac
Fist | Turn the Hell On
Foghat | Tight Shoes
Gamma | Gamma 2
Gary Moore | G-Force
Genesis | Duke
Gillan | Glory Road
Girl | Sheer Greed
Girlschool | Demolition
Grand Prix | Grand Prix
Heart | Bebe Le Strange
Iron Maiden | Iron Maiden
Jethro Tull | A
Joan Jett | Joan Jett
The Joe Perry Project | Let the Music Do the Talking
John Lennon & Yoko Ono | Double Fantasy
Journey | Departure
Judas Priest | British Steel
Kansas | Audio-Visions
Killer | Ready for Hell [given in the 1981 list in 2011, now apparently the consensus is for a 1980 release]
KISS | Unmasked
Krokus | Metal Rendez-vous
Loverboy | Loverboy
Lucifer's Friend | Sneak Me In
Manilla Road | Invasion
The Michael Schenker Group | The Michael Schenker Group
Molly Hatchet | Beatin' the Odds
Motörhead | Ace of Spades
Nazareth | Malice in Wonderland
Ozzy Osbourne | Blizzard of Ozz
Pat Benatar | Crimes of Passion
Paul McCartney | McCartney II
Pete Townshend | Empty Glass
Peter Criss | Out of Control
Phil Lynott | Solo in Soho
Quartz | Stand Up and Fight
Queen | The Game
Ramones | End of the Century
REO Speedwagon | Hi-Infidelity
The Rods | Rock Hard
The Rolling Stones | Emotional Rescue
Rush | Permanent Waves
Sammy Hagar | Danger Zone
Samson | Head On
Saxon | Wheels of Steel
Saxon | Strong Arm of the Law
Scorpions | Animal Magnetism
Status Quo | Just Supposin'
Supertramp | Paris
Sweet | Waters Edge
Ted Nugent | Scream Dream
Thin Lizzy | Chinatown
Triumph | Progressions of Power
Trust | Répression
Tygers of Pan Tang | Wild Cat
UFO | No Place to Run
Uriah Heep | Conquest
Van Halen | Women and Children First
White Spirit | White Spirit
Whitesnake | Live... In the Heart of the City
Whitesnake | Ready an' Willing
Wild Horses | Wild Horses
Wishbone Ash | Just Testing
Witchfynde | Give 'Em Hell
Yes | Drama

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