The Straight (Canada) - The 50 Best-Ever Vancouver Songs (2017)

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The Straight (Canada) - The 50 Best-Ever Vancouver Songs (2017)

Postby StevieFan13 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:15 pm ... -vancouver
I mean, they're from Vancouver, so while I know AM doesn't take states/provinces/cities outside of the USA into account, I feel like this is uniquely qualified (like the St. Louis and West/South Australia lists).

Slow “Have Not Been the Same” (1985)
Modernettes “Barbra” (1980)
Sweatshop Union “Thing About It” (2004)
Sons of Freedom “The Criminal” (1988)
Fake Shark “Cheap Thrills” (2015)
The Poppy Family “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” (1969)
Pointed Sticks “Out of Luck” (1979)
Mother Mother “The Drugs” (2016)
54-40 “One Day in Your Life” (1987)
Sweeney Todd “Tantalize” (1977)
Front Line Assembly “Mindphaser” (1992)
Dan Mangan “Robots” (2009)
Slowburn “Whatever” (1996)
SonReal “Everywhere We Go” (2013)
Nickelback “How You Remind Me” (2001)
Pure “Anna Is a Speed Freak” (1994)
Zimmers Hole “This Flight Tonight” (2002)
The Blue Shadows “Coming On Strong” (1993)
Bob Moses “Tearing Me Up” (2015)
The Enigmas “Windshield Wiper” (1985)
Dishrags “Past Is Past” (1979)
Said the Whale “I Love You” (2013)
Art Bergmann “Our Little Secret” (1988)
Hannah Georgas “Evelyn” (2016)
The Age of Electric “I Don’t Mind” (1997)
Mounties “Tokyo Summer” (2014)
Young Canadians “Hawaii” (1980)
Loverboy “Turn Me Loose” (1980)
Spirit of the West “Home for a Rest” (1990)
Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers “Does Your Mama Know About Me” (1968)
Herald Nix “Fugitive Kind” (1986)
Subhumans “Slave to My Dick” (1979)
Payola$ “Eyes of a Stranger” (1982)
Go Four 3 “Just Another Day” (1985)
Yukon Blonde “Stairway” (2012)
The Grapes of Wrath “All the Things I Wasn’t” (1989)
The Evaporators “Hot Dog High” (2012)
Limblifter “Tinfoil” (1996)
Skinny Puppy “Dig It” (1986)
Rascalz “Northern Touch” (1998)
Nasty On “The Ship That Died of Shame” (2002)
D.O.A. “World War 3” (1979)
Swollen Members “Lady Venom” (2000)
Carly Rae Jepsen “Call Me Maybe” (2011)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive “Let It Ride” (1974)
Copyright “Transfiguration” (1996)
Doug and the Slugs “Too Bad” (1980)
Sarah McLachlan “Into the Fire” (1991)
Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck “One Ring Jane” (1969)
Secret V’s “Waiting for the Drugs to Take Hold” (1980)
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