Hot New Hip Hop - Top 50 Best Young Thug (Solo) Songs of All Time (2017)

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Hot New Hip Hop - Top 50 Best Young Thug (Solo) Songs of All Time (2017)

Post by StevieFan13 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:45 pm ... 37355.html
All this considered, creating a definitive list of “Best Young Thug Songs” is impossible. The ten biggest fans will have 10 different lists. This is simply ours. We chose to focus on his best solo efforts - that means, no guest spots or songs with features on them. But solo Rich Gang material, leaks and all other loosies are all on the table. The list might inadvertently favor older material, but that’s only because we’ve had more time to sit with those songs.

So yes, this means that song you’re thinking of won't be on here. Yes, the other one too. Yes, we agree that they all deserve a spot on here, but no, we won’t change our list for you. Yes, we’d love to see your own lists in the comment section.

Without further delay, here are HotNewHipHop’s Top 50 Solo Young Thug Songs.
50. "I Swear To God"
49. "Should I"
48. "Best Thing of All Time"
47. "Pacifier"
46. "Can't See Em"
45. "Keep It Leave"
44. "I Just Might"
43. "Spaghetti"
42. "Miss U"
41. "You the One"
40. "Eww"
39. "Drawn Down"
38. "My Baby"
37. "Friend of Scotty (OG)"
36. "Oh Yeah"
35. "2 Cups Stuffed"
34. "Raw (Might Just)"
33. "Hercules"
32. "Danny Glover"
31. "Let Me Live"
30. "OD"
29. "That's All"
28. "She Notice"
27. "Gangster Shit"
26. "Safe"
25. "King TROUP"
24. "Just Might Be"
23. "Myself"
22. "Hey, I"
21. "Check"
20. "Feel It"
19. "Free Gucci"
18. "Numbers"
17. "Wanna Be Me"
16. "Keep It Going"
15. "Strange Things"
14. "See You"
13. "Texas Love"
12. "Freaky"
11. "No Way"
10. "Calling Your Name"
9. "Flaws"
8. "Proud of Me"
7. "Givenchy"
6. "Pelican Fly"
5. "Halftime"
4. "The Blanguage"
3. "The Promise"
2. "Makaveli (Beast)"
1. "Love Me Forever (OG)"
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