Tsugi - 100 essential musical compilations (July 2017)

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Tsugi - 100 essential musical compilations (July 2017)

Post by Pierre » Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:53 pm

French magazine Tsugi blessed us this month with apparently the most AM-ineligible list imaginable.

In actuality, it's more complicated, as according to AM rules, when there's enough material previously unreleased on LPs on the album, it's eligible. And the same goes when the mixes are not the usual ones, therefore all DJ mixes are eligible.

Tsugi is a mag dedicated to "new musical tendencies", but in the facts, even though there are occasional forays into rock and hip-hop, they lean extremely heavily toward electronic music and it shows in their selection. It's pretty left-field overall, except perhaps for the two first ones that everyone know. The selection features some classic various artists compilations, soundtracks, tribute albums, DJ mixes, label and scene samplers, some curated by famous artists. The magazine additionally features a few stories: one about the Soul Jazz label, one about the labels covering the African and Asian undergrounds, one about the various artists charity albums and compilations, one about the Back from the Grave compilations and Crypt Records, one about the history of DJ mixes in CD format (in particular the Fabric and Studio !K7 labels). Finally, aside from the 100 compilations selected, there's an additional list of 10 compilations published by Tsugi, which is a sort of tradition from the magazine: every once in a while an invited artist curates a promotional compilation for the magazine. Some prestigious names like Air and LCD Soundsystem contributed to it.

Now for the list itself. I added the label, which is indicated in the magazine, for clarity, as many of these albums are obscurities nowadays:

Various Artists | Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968 | 1972 | Elektra

Everyone knows this one: a list of psychedelic and garage singles curated by Lenny Kaye. A landmark of the style, unfortunately ineligible for AM.

2 Many DJ's | As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2 | 2002 | Pias

The album that documented the rise of the mash-up era. Already featured on AM.

Various Artists | In the Beginning There Was Rhythm | 2001 | Soul Jazz Records

A high quality comp covering the first post-punk era, considered a landmark of the Soul Jazz label. Not eligible.

DJ Deep | Respect Is Burning Presents: Respect to DJ Deep | 2001 | Labels

This DJ Deep is Cyril Étienne, not the Andreas Peine documented on Wikipedia. Documents the DJ mixes he did at the Queen Club in Paris during the "Respect" parties organized by the club. Eligible.

Various Artists | DFA Compilation #2 | 2004 | DFA

Label sampler from DFA. It contains two CDs of tracks previously available on 12" only, and a third one with a DJ mix from Tim Goldsworthy and Tim Sweeney. Eligible.

Various Artists | Metalheadz Boxset 1 | 1997 | Metalheadz

Label sampler from Metalheadz, Goldie's label. Eligible.

Telex | I Don't Like Music | 1998 | SSR/Crammed Discs

An album of remixes by various artists of Belgian electronic music pioneers Telex's works. Eligible.

MGMT | Late Night Tales: MGMT | 2011 | Late Night Tales

A compilation curated by MGMT in the Late Night Tales series. Reflects their interest and knowledge in post-punk and art rock. It's mixed, so it's eligible.

Various Artists | The D.J. International Records Anthology - Compiled by Bill Brewster | 2015 | Harmless

A retrospective of the D.J. International label, a late 80s label founded by Rocky Jones, which released some seminal early house records. A bit difficult to be sure, but appears to be eligible.

Various Artists | La Collection Chapter 2 | 1996 | F Communications/Pias

Label sampler from F Communications, it featured some of the most important pre-Daft Punk era artists in French electronic music. Enough original material to be eligible.

Various Artists | Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit | 1988 | Ten Records

A seminal compilation which brought the Detroit house scene to wider notice, although it's considered a commercial failure. Easily eligible.

Various Artists | The Deepest Shade of Techno Volume I | 1994 | Reflective Records

An album documenting the early years of techno, curated by 4hero. Eligible.

Various Artists | BIPPP - French Synth Wave 1979-85 | 2006 | Born Bad

Everything is in the title. All the acts featured here are very very obscure. Enough non-LP material to be eligible.

Various Artists | Music from the Motion Picture Judgment Night | 1993 | Immortal Records/Epic

More known than the film itself, as it features an unique collaboration between the hip-hop and alternative rock scenes from the era. Eligible.

Various Artists | 5 Years of Hyperdub | 2009 | Hyperdub

A label sampler from Hyperdub, the label which basically invented dubstep. Eligible.

Various Artists | The House That Trax Built | 1996 | Trax Records

A 10-tracks anthology of the seminal Trax label, which was pivotal in the birth of house music. Eligible.

Various Artists | Passe ton bac d'abord | 2006 | Adageo BV

A live album curated by Philippe Manœuvre, documenting some obscure artists from the French garage rock scene. Eligible.

Various Artists | 10.100.02 | 2001 | Peacefrog

Label sampler from the Peacefrog label, which covered the British techno/house scene. Very borderline, I'd say not eligible.

Various Artists | (Artificial Intelligence) - Electronic Listening Music from Warp | 1992 | Warp

Label sampler from Warp Records which documents the birth of intelligent dance music on the label. Eligible.

Laurent Garnier | Laboratoire Mix | 1996 | Level 2

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Rapattitude | 1990 | Labelle Noire/Virgin

Basically the compilation where the French hip-hop scene was born. Eligible.

Ivan Smagghe | Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck | 2004 | React

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Dark Was the Night | 2009 | The Red Hot Organization/4AD

An album made by the Red Hot Organization to help fight AIDS, it features many of the biggest names in the American indie rock scene. Eligible.

Various Artists | ZE Xmas Record Reloaded 2004 | 2004 | ZE Records

A re-release of a 1981 album titled A Christmas Record with Christmas songs sung by new wave artists, featuring some additional obscurities from the label fitting the Christmas theme. The original record is eligible, so the re-release is as well.

Various Artists | Kitsuné Maison Compilation 1 | 2005 | Kitsuné

The first major compilation from the famous Kitsuné label. Eligible.

DJ Gregory & Bob Sinclar | Africanism | 2002 | Yellow Productions

The first in the Africanism series, a DJ mix which features some electronic music with African effects. Eligible.

Various Artists | Well Deep: Ten Years of Big Dada Recordings | 2007 | Big Dada

Label sampler from Big Dada, featuring mostly alternative hip-hop. Not eligible.

Various Artists | The Correct Use of Techno / Vol 1. A Decade of Detroit Music | 1998 | Sound of Barclay

Curated by Sal Russo, owner of the BPM shop. Features some less obvious tracks from big names of the Detroit scene. Eligible.

Various Artists | Freezone 4 - Dangerous Lullabies | 1997 | SSR

A downtempo compilation in the Freezone series, curated by DJ Morpheus. Eligible.

The Chemical Brothers | Live at the Social Volume 1 | 1996 | Heavenly Records

A live DJ mix, therefore eligible.

Various Artists | Headz: A Soundtrack of Experimental Beathead Jams | 1994 | Mo'Wax

Mostly a label sampler with invited artists, illustrating the early downtempo/trip-hop scene. Eligible.

LTJ Bukem | Earth Volume One | 1996 | Earth

Label sampler from Bukem's Good Looking Records, curated by himself. Eligible.

Various Artists | Cosmic Machine - A Voyage Across the French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) | 2013 | Because

A compilation exploring an obscure side of French music, the very first electronic pioneers from the aforementioned period. Even includes Gainsbourg! And also, a stylish album cover from Philippe Druillet. Eligible.

Various Artists | More G.D.M. | 2002 | Tigersushi

A very messy compilation that ranges from obscure psychedelic artifacts to krautrock to whatever. Strangely enough, appears to be eligible.

Various Artists | Dirty Diamonds | 2003 | Diamondtraxx/Discograph

A compilation made by a collective of Paris "diggers", during a wave of such releases before the download/streaming era. Interesting but not eligible.

Andrew Weatherall | Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Vol 1. | 2008 | Soma

A compilation of garage rock in the Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi series, curated by British DJ Andrew Weatherall. Funny but not eligible.

Various Artists | La Yellow 357 | 1995 | Yellow Productions

A label sampler built as a soundtrack to an imaginary film. Eligible.

Various Artists | Velvet Goldmine - Music from the Original Motion Picture | 1998 | Fontana

Glam rock original soundtrack. Interesting story to this one. Eligible.

Various Artists | Respect for France | 1992 | FNAC Music Dance Division

A compilation documenting the early French house scene. The title comes from the fact that the English-speaking world looked down on the French attempts at this music with contempt back then. Things have changed since then. Eligible.

Various Artists | How to Kill the DJ [Part One] | 2003 | Tigersushi

A compilation paying tribute to the sound of the Pulp night club in Paris, which was important back in the early 2000s. Mixed, so eligible.

Coldcut | Journeys by DJ - 70 Minutes of Madness | 1995 | Music Unites

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Delabel Hostile Rap | 1999 | Delabel/Hostile Records

A label sampler, featuring many legendary names of French hip-hop. Not eligible

Dave Clarke | Electro Boogie Vol 2 - The Throwdown | 1998 | Studio !K7

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Famous When Dead | 2001 | Playhouse

A label sampler from Playhouse, a defunct label which contributed to the emergence of minimalist techno. Eligible.

Various Artists | Radio Bond-Age | 1989 | Bondage Records

A label sampler from Bondage Records, the label of Bérurier Noir. Showcases the French alternative rock scene of the time. Not eligible.

François K. | Live at Sónar | 2003 | Sonar Music

A live DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Les Plus Grands Succès du punk | 1992 | Skydog

A 26-tracks-long reissue of the 30-tracks-long 1987 compilation Les 30 Plus Grands Succès du punk; it documents the late 70s French punk scene. It appears there's enough original material for it to be eligible.

Various Artists | BINGO ! French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 | 2017 | Born Bad

Everything is in the title. Documents an ephemereal move to make money out of Neanderthal-level rock songs in the wake of the punk movement. Eligible.

Various Artists | R.I.P. 50 Weapons #40-50 - Hardcore Will Never Die | 2015 | 50Weapons

Documents a strange project from an electronic band, which created the label 50Weapons, only to exist for exactly 50 releases before being killed. This box set covers the last eleven releases of the label. Apparently eligible.

Various Artists | Indietronica Vol. 1 | 2002 | SonarMusic

Scene sampler from the indietronica era, a movement which has since been dissolved in post-rock, indie electronics, etc. Not eligible.

Miss Kittin | Radio Caroline Volume 1 | 2002 | Mental Groove

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Kitsuné Tabloid by Phoenix | 2009 | Kitsuné

Simply a Kitsuné compilation curated by Phoenix. Not eligible.

Various Artists | Versatile 98 | 1998 | Versatile Records

Label sampler, reflecting the French house scene until then, just as Daft Punk was taking the world by storm. Eligible.

Various Artists | Rubáiyát - Elektra's 40th Anniversary | 1990 | Elektra

As the name implies, an album released in 1990 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Elektra label. Features the 1990 artists covering the older names of the label. Eligible.

Various Artists | Further Adventures in Techno Soul | 1998 | Ferox Records

A compilation covering the British techno scene, curated by Russ Gabriel, founder of the Ferox Records label. Eligible.

Various Artists | Sunday Nights - The Songs of Junior Kimbrough | 2005 | Fat Possum

A tribute album to the blues artist of the same name. Eligible.

Various Artists | The Collected Sounds of Prescription | 1995 | Prescription

Label sampler from Prescription, an underground Chicago house label of the mid-1990s. Eligible.

Various Artists | Aquaplaning Memories | 2002 | Discograph

Compilation of tracks recorded live during various editions of a festival in France called Aquaplaning. A rarity, apparently! Eligible.

Basic Channel | BCD | 1997 | Basic Channel

Compilation of works previously released on singles only by German duo Basic Channel. Eligible.

Various Artists | The Sound of Young New York | 2003 | Plant Music

Compilation curated by Dominique Keegan, owner of the Plant Bar which documents some less-known dance-punk tracks. Eligible.

Alter Ego | Transphormed | 2004 | Klang Elektronik

Remix album: the first CD features tracks remixed by Alter Ego, the second Alter Ego tracks remixed by others. Eligible.

Jennifer Cardini | Feeling Strange | 2008 | Kompakt

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism | 1996 | Ninja Tune

Label sampler from Coldcut's Ninja Tune label. Not eligible.

Get a Room! | Dig Out Your Spade Volume 2 | 2012 | Small Time Cuts

Album made out of editing other tracks, generally obscurities. Eligible.

Various Artists | Colette N°2 | 2002 | Colette

The second volume of a series of compilations curated by Michel Gaubert and Marie Branellec, aimed at showcasing the underground electronic music of the time. It features early M83, for instance. Not eligible.

RAC | Nintendo vs Sega 2 | 2010

RAC stands for Remix Artist Collective. A remix album of video game music. Eligible.

Kruder & Dorfmeister | The K&D Sessions™ | 1998 | G-Stone/!K7

A DJ mix. Already featured on AM.

Laurent Garnier | Excess Luggage | 2003 | F Communications

Live DJ mixes recorded at various points. Eligible.

Liza 'N' Eliaz & Mental Theo | Hardcore Rave Party | 1994 | Fairway Record

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Downtown 81 | 2000 | New York Beat Film/Virgin

The soundtrack to a film with Jean-Michel Basquiat, shot in 1980-81 and only released in 2000, showcasing the post-punk era. Not eligible.

Various Artists | L'Équipe à Jojo - Les Chansons de Joe Dassin par... | 1993 | Le Village vert

A strange Joe Dassin tribute album from the alternative pop-chanson scene. Eligible.

Various Artists | I'm Your Fan - The Songs of Leonard Cohen | 1991 | Sony Music

A tribute album to Leonard Cohen by the alternative rock scene. Eligible.

Optimo | The Underground Sound of Glasgow | 2013 | Glasgow Underground

A DJ mix, showcasing as you'd guess the underground electronic music scene of Glasgow. Eligible.

Various Artists | Sainte Pop - La Synthétique souterraine | 2017 | La Souterraine

A compilation showcasing some very underground French pop music. Eligible.

Various Artists | Total 7 | 2006 | Kompakt

7th volume in the Total series by Kompakt, which showcases their best singles released during the year, alongside some unreleased tracks. Eligible.

Erlend Øye | DJ-Kicks | 2004 | !K7

A DJ mix by Erlend Øye, leader of the Kings of Convenience. Eligible.

Various Artists | Entreprise présente Année 2 - Une compilation | 2014 | Entreprise

A label sampler from Entreprise, a French indie everything label. Eligible.

Various Artists | Frenchy But Chic | 1994 | Virgin

A French new wave compilation curated by a Rock&Folk journalist, Jean-Éric Perrin. Not eligible.

Various Artists | Paradise Garage | 1997 | Pschent

A compilation to showcase the "golden years" of garage house in the early 1990s. Eligible.

Various Artists | ...Compiled | 1998 | Chain Reaction

A compilation to showcase the sound of the Basic Channel label, all songs previously released on 12" only. Mostly. Eligible.

Kevin Saunderson | X-Mix - Transmission from Deep Space Radio | 1997 | Studio !K7

A DJ mix in the X-Mix series. Eligible.

Various Artists | The Golden Apples of the Sun | 2004 | Bastet

A freak-folk/new weird America compilation curated by Devendra Banhart. Not eligible.

Various Artists | Until the End of the World - Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack | 1991 | Warner

Soundtrack album to the Wim Wenders film. Aside from the title track (although featured in an alternate version), everything is original contributions. Eligible.

Various Artists | Northern Electronic | 2003 | Discograph

A compilation curated by Pierre-Louis Berlatier, a deceased Tsugi mag contributor, showcasing the Manchester and Sheffield electronic scene. Eligible.

Two Lone Swordsmen | Peppered with Spastic Magic. A Collection of Two Lone Swordsmen Remixes | 2003 | Rotters Golf Club

A remix album, so eligible.

Various Artists | The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young | 1989 | Caroline Records

The title says it all. Apparently a precursor in the tribute albums. Eligible.

Busy P & DJ Mehdi | Let the Children Techno | 2011 | Ed Banger/Because Music

A DJ mix conceived as a way to promote the Ed Banger label. Eligible.

Various Artists | Singles - Original Picture Soundtrack | 1992 | Epic Soundtrax

Seminal soundtrack to the Cameron Crowe film, showcasing the grunge scene. Not eligible.

Various Artists | Cake & Milk / Summers of Love in Paris | 2002 | Koati/Discograph

A compilation illustrating the Cake & Milk Sunday afternoon parties organized at the Batofar in Paris. Mostly downtempo/ambient house. Eligible.

Various Artists | Spawn (The Album) | 1997 | Sony Music Soundtrax

Soundtrack to a forgotten Spawn film, mixing rock acts with electronic acts, inspired by the Judgment Night concept. Eligible.

Omar-S | Detroit - Fabric 45 | 2009 | Fabric

A DJ mix in the Fabric # series. Eligible.

DJ Rolando/The Aztec Mystic | The Aztec Mystic Mix | 1999 | Underground Resistance

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Ostgut Ton | Zehn | 2015 | Ostgut Ton

Name of the album features my signature "|" sign. Dang. Anyway, a label sampler which was pretty generous (ten 12" + three CDs !!!) for a German techno label. Healthy, but apparently eligible.

Ricardo Villalobos | In the Mix: Taka Taka | 2003 | Cocoon Recordings

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Warp10+2 - Classics 89-92 | 1999 | Warp

A compilation for the 10th anniversary of the Warp label, showcasing some late 80s-early 90s tracks. Eligible.

Various Artists | So Young But So Cold - Underground French Music 1977-1983 | 2004 | Tigersushi

Compilation showcasing the electronic post-punk (dubbe "cold wave") French scene of the aforementioned period. Recommended but not eligible.

Manu Le Malin | Biomechanik | 1997 | Level 2

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Various Artists | Rock Rock Rock - French Rock'n'Roll 1956-1959 | 2009 | Born Bad

A compilation showcasing the forgotten late 1950s period when French artists were trying their hands at rock'n'roll, most generally with a parody spirit. Only when Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and Dick Rivers appeared, French rock started taking itself seriously. Anyway, eligible.

Various Artists | Vibrations - Introuvables & Remixes Vol. 1 | 1995 | Delabel

A compilation curated by a defunct Swiss music publication. Music from the era, somewhere between trip-hop, hip-hop, downtempo and drums'n'bass. Eligible.

Agoria | Balance 016 | 2010 | Balance

A DJ mix, so eligible.

Here are the 10 additional promotional Tsugi compilations, in the following format: name of the artist - title of the album (if any) | Tsugi publication, year of release [nature] The three albums marked as compilations are not eligible, the rest is OK.

Dex Pistols - Japon | Tsugi special edition #1, 2008 [DJ mix]
Air | Tsugi #22, 2009 [compilation]
LCD Soundsystem - Small Wave | Tsugi #30, 2010 [compilation]
Zdar - Transfunk 2011 | Tsugi #37, 2011 [DJ mix]
Miki Grems - 1978-5713 | Tsugi #51, 2012 [regular album]
Jacques Greene for Tsugi | Tsugi #55, 2012 [DJ mix]
DJ Deep - Rebirth | Tsugi #72, 2014 [DJ mix]
Helena Hauff - Flächenbrand Mix | Tsugi #87, 2015 [DJ mix]
Superpoze - Percussions | Tsugi #100, 2017 [DJ mix]
Charlotte de Witte - Connection | Tsugi #103, 2017 [compilation]

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