Metal Hammer (Germany) - The 66.6 Best Iron Maiden Songs (2013)

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Metal Hammer (Germany) - The 66.6 Best Iron Maiden Songs (2013)

Postby StevieFan13 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:54 pm ... ngs-31002/
Last one for today (and hopefully a while). They make it a .6 not just for the "ha ha 666" joke but because, according to them, the beginning of "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" isn't as good as the rest and is therefore not counted. How come I never thought of that? I could just discount the parts of songs I don't like and feel a lot better about the whole list (The Top 49 and 2/3 Kanye West Songs, discounting the conspiracy bullshit in "Dark Fantasy" and that awful Klondike rhyme in "Stronger"). Also, another metal magazine (I think Metal Hammer again? I'm not sure) ran a top 50 Iron Maiden songs list that I saw at the bookstore, but sadly that one involved users in addition to critics, musicians, and Iron Maiden members, so it doesn't count.
67) Transylvania
66) The Duelists
65) Blood Brothers
64) To Tame a Land
63) The Pilgrim
62) Gangland
61) Childhood's End
60) Wasting Love
59) Out of the Silent Planet
58) Wildest Dreams
57) The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg
56) Heaven Can Wait
55) Brighter Than a Thousand Sons
54) Murders in the Rue Morgue
53) The Mercenary
52) When the Wild Wind Blows
51) Bring Your the Slaughter
50) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
49) Sanctuary
48) Rainmaker
47) Flash of the Blade
46) Ghost of the Navigator
45) These Colors Don't Run
44) For the Greater Good of God
43) Caught Somewhere in Time
42) Dance of Death
41) From Here to Eternity
40) No More Lies
39) Killers
38) Iron Maiden
37) Sign of the Cross
36) The Clansman
35) Afraid to Shoot Strangers
34) Only the Good Die Young
33) The Prisoner
32) Prowler
31) Stranger in a Strangeland
30) Remember Tomorrow
29) Be Quick or Be Dead
28) Paschendale
27) 22 Acacia Avenue
26) The Wicker Man
25) Where Eagles Dare
24) Phantom of the Opera
23) Infinite Dreams
22) Moonchild
21) Wrathchild
20) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
19) Alexander the Great
18) The Clairvoyant
17) Brave New World
16) Can I Play with Madness
15) Flight of Icarus
14) Revelations
13) Powerslave
12) Children of the Damned
11) Running Free
10) The Evil That Men Do
9) Rime of the Ancient Mariner
8) The Number of the Beast
7) Wasted Years
6) Two Minutes to Midnight
5) The Trooper
4) Run to the Hills
3) Fear of the Dark
2) Aces High
1) Hallowed Be Thy Name
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