Rolling Stone (Germany) - The 30 Best Songs of Sting and The Police (2013)

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Rolling Stone (Germany) - The 30 Best Songs of Sting and The Police (2013)

Post by StevieFan13 » Mon May 22, 2017 4:16 pm ... ce-360003/
This is another one that mostly satisfies me.
30. Sting: All This Time
29. The Police: Tea In The Sahara
28. Sting: Saint Agnes And The Burning Train
27. The Police: Driven To Tears
26. The Police: Rehumanize Yourself
25. Sting: When The Angels Fall
24. Sting: Shadows In The Rain
23. Sting: Little Wing
22. The Police: Bring On The Night
21. The Police: Omegaman
20. The Police: So Lonely
19. Sting: Love Is The Seventh Wave
18. Sting: Be Still My Beating Heart
17. Sting: The Lazarus Heart
16. Sting: Children's Crusade
15. The Police: Too Much Information
14. Sting: We Work The Black Seam
13. Sting: If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
12. The Police: One World (Not Three)
11. The Police: Don't Stand So Close to Me
10. The Police: Walking On The Moon
9. The Police: King Of Pain
8. Sting / The Police: I Burn For You
7. The Police: Wrapped Around Your Finger
6. The Police: Synchronicity
5. Sting: Consider Me Gone
4. Sting: Russians
3. The Police: Synchronicity II
2. Sting: Fragile
1. The Police: Every Breath You Take
No Message in a Bottle or Roxanne, oddly enough.
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Re: Rolling Stone (Germany) - The 30 Best Songs of Sting and The Police (2013)

Post by bootsy » Mon May 22, 2017 7:51 pm

Yeah no Roxanne especially is surprising but they mixed in Sting's solo work so probably didn't have room for it. If it were a The Police only list Roxanne would have definitely been in there. I would hope.

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