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Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa (New Zealand) - The Song List

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:57 am
by madzong
Here is a list of nine CD's of culturally significant songs that are paired with the vinyl album list in the link below: ... f=3&t=5303
From the liner notes:

"These CD's have been produced for Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa, Auckland Museum's landmark, homegrown exhibition about making, listening to, and performing New Zealand music from now back t the 1950's.

Volume has been developed in partnership with the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame Trust (APRA AMCOS NZ and Recorded Music NZ) which celebrates and recognises the contributions of those who have had a significant impact on the evolution, development, and perpetuation of New Zealand music.

The Songs on these CD's celebrate the music that provides the soundtrack to our lives. These are the songs we grew up with, fell in love to, broke up to, and everything in between."

Track Listing:

1950's - 1960's

Johnny Cooper 'Pie Cart Rock N Roll’ 1957
Sandy Tansley 'Resuscitation Rock’ 1957
Bill Sevesi And His Novelty Five & Morgan Clarke 'Go Man Go’ 1957
Morgan Clarke With Benny Five 'Haka Boogie' 1957
Johnny Devlin MNZM 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy’ 1958
The Bob Paris Combo 'Dragstrip’ 1958
Johnny Devlin MNZM 'Matador Baby’ 1958
Max Merritt & The Meteors 'Get A Haircut’ 1959
Howard Morrison Quartet 'Short Fat Fanny’ 1959
Peter Lewis & The TriSonic Beat 'Four City Rock’ 1959
Clyde Scott & The Zanyopolis 'Grave Diggers Rock’ 1959
The Keil Isles 'Say Mama’ 1959
Ronnie Sundin 'Teenage Beat’ 1959
Jae Epae 'Putti Putti’ 1960
Glyn Tucker with Ian Lowe & The Tornados 'I’m In Love’ 1960
Maori Troubadours 'Shakin’ In The Shaky Isles' 1960
Ray Woolf & The Embers 'If You Were A Rock & Roll Record’ 1962
The Kini Quartet 'Under The Sun’ 1963
The Quin Tikis 'Poi Poi Twist’ 1963
Peter Posa 'White Rabbit’ 1963


Ray Columbus 'She’s A Mod’ 1964
Dinah Lee 'Do The Blue Beat’ 1964
The Chicks 'The Hucklebuck’ 1965
Maria Dallas 'Tumblin’ Down’ 1966
La De Das 'Don’t Stand In My Way’ 1966
The Gremlins 'The Coming Generation’ 1966
Sandy Edmonds 'Come See Me’ 1965
Larry’s Rebels 'I Feel Good’ 1966
The Underdogs 'Sittin’ In The Rain’ 1967
Mr Lee Grant 'Thanks To You’ 1967
The Fair Sect 'I Love How You Love Me’ 1967
The Pleazers 'Can’t Pretend’ 1967
Hi-Revving Tongues 'Tropic Of Capricorn’ 1967
Alison Durbin 'I Have Loved Me A Man’ 1968
The Simple Image 'Spinning Spinning Spinning’ 1968
The Avengers 'Love Hate Revenge’ 1968
John Rowles 'If I Only Had Time’ 1968
The Human Instinct 'Pink Dawn’ 1968
Shane 'Saint Paul’ 1969
The Formyula 'Nature’ 1969


Craig Scott 'Smiley’ 1971
The Chapta 'Say A Prayer’ 1971
Blerta 'Dance All Around The World’ 1972
Bunny Walters 'Brandy’ 1972
Suzanne 'Sunshine Through A Prism’ 1972
Headband 'Good Morning Mr Rock’n’Roll’ 1972
Creation 'Carolina’ 1974
John Hanlon 'Damn The Dam’ 1973
Yandall Sisters 'Sweet Inspiration’ 1975
Space Waltz 'Out On The Street’ 1974
Mark Williams 'Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life’ 1975
Rockinghorse 'Thru The Southern Moonlight’ 1975
Hello Sailor 'Gutter Black’ 1977
Dragon 'April Sun In Cuba’ 1977
Dalvanius & The Fascinations 'Voodoo Lady’ 1977
Golden Harvest 'I Need Your Love’ 1978
Scavengers 'True Love’ 1978
Suburban Reptiles 'Saturday Night Stay At Home’ 1978
Mi-Sex 'Computer Games’ 1979
Citizen Band 'Rust In My Car’ 1979
Toy Love 'Rebel’ 1979
Th’ Dudes 'Be Mine Tonight’ 1979


Split Enz 'I Got You’ 1980
Jon Stevens 'Montego Bay’ 1980
Crocodiles 'Tears’ 1980
Spelling Mistakes 'Feels So Good’ 1980
Graham Brazier 'Billy Bold’ 1981
The Swingers 'Counting The Beat’ 1981
Pop Mechanix 'Jumping Out The Window’ 1981
The Knobz 'Culture’ 1980
Blam Blam Blam 'There Is No Depression In New Zealand’ 1981
Screaming Mee Mees 'See Me Go’ 1981
The Clean 'Tally Ho’ 1981
The Newmatics 'Riot Squad’ 1981
No Tag 'Legalised Dogs 1981’
Body Electric 'Pulsing’ 1982
Herbs 'French Letter’ 1982
The Topp Twins 'Untouchable Girls’ 1982
Prince Tui Teka 'E Ipo’ 1982
Sharon O’Neill 'Maxine’ 1983
The Verlaines 'Death Of A Maiden’ 1983
Car Crash Set 'Imagination’ 1983
Coconut Rough 'Sierra Leone’ 1983
DD Smash 'Outlook For Thursday’ 1983

1980's (continued)

Patea Maori Club 'Poi E’ 1983
The Mockers 'Forever Tuesday Morning’ 1985
The Narcs 'Heart & Soul’ 1984
Netherworld Dancing Toys 'For Today’ 1986
Peking Man 'Room That Echoes’ 1986
Knightshade 'Out For The Count’ 1986
Crowded House 'Don’t Dream It’s Over’ 1986
Dave Dobbyn feat. The Herbs 'Slice Of Heaven’ 1986
The Bats 'North By North’ 1987
Shona Laing 'Glad I’m Not A Kennedy’ 1986
Upper Hutt Posse 'E Tu’ 1988
JPS Experience 'I Like Rain’ 1986
The Waratahs 'Hands Of My Heart’ 1988
Ardijah 'Watching U’ 1988
Rikki Morris 'Nobody Else’ 1988
Margret Urlich 'Escaping’ 1989
Jenny Morris 'She Has To Be Loved’ 1989
Chris Knox 'Not Given Lightly’ 1989
Tim Finn with Herbs 'Parihaka’ 1989


The Chills 'Heavenly Pop Hit’ 1990
Straitjacket Fits 'Bad Note For A Heart’ 1990
Ngaire 'When The Feeling Is Gone’ 1990
Midge Marsden 'Burning Rain’ 1990
The Exponents 'Why Does Love (Do This To Me?)’ 1992
Southside Of Bombay 'What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’ 1994
Push Push 'Trippin’ 1991
Headless Chickens 'Cruise Control’ 1991
The Mutton Birds 'Dominion Road’ 1992
Jan Hellriegel 'The Way I Feel’ 1995
Dead Flowers 'Plastic’ 1992
The 3Ds 'Outer Space’ 1992
Greg Johnson 'Isabelle’ 1991
Emma Paki 'System Virtue’ 1996
Annie Crummer feat. Herbs 'See What Love Can Do’ 1992
Supergroove 'Can’t Get Enough’ 1994
Hallelujah Picassos 'Rewind’ 1993
Andrew Fagan 'Jerusalem’ 1994
Moana and The Moa Hunters 'Tahi’ 1993
Nathan Haines 'Lady J’ 1994

1990's (continued)

Strawpeople 'Trick With A Knife’ 1994
Sisters Underground 'In The Neighbourhood’ 1994
Three The Hard Way 'Hip-Hop Holiday’ 1995
Maree Sheehan 'Fatally Cool’ 1995
OMC 'How Bizarre’ 1995
HLAH 'Hootenanny’ 1997
Garageland 'Comeback’ 1996
DLT feat Che Fu 'Chains’ 1998
Bic Runga 'Drive’ 1997
Shihad 'Home Again’ 1997
Darcy Clay 'Jesus I Was Evil’ 1997
Bressa Creeting Cake 'Palm Singing’ 1997
Dam Native 'Behold My Kool Style’ 1997
The Feelers 'Venus’ 1998
Zed 'Glorifilia’ 1999
True Bliss 'Tonight’ 1999
Salmonella Dub 'For The Love Of It’ 1999
Deep Obsession 'One And Only’ 1999
Tadpole 'For Me’ 1999
Stellar* 'Violent’ 1999


Fur Patrol 'Lydia’ 2000
King Kapisi 'Screems From Da Old Plantation’ 2000
Anika Moa 'Youthful’ 2001
Che Fu 'Misty Frequencies’ 2002
Goldenhorse 'Maybe Tomorrow’ 2003
Goodshirt 'Sophie’ 2001
The Datsuns 'Harmonic Generator’ 2002
Elemeno P 'Verona’ 2003
Scribe 'Not Many / Stand Up’ 2003
Mareko feat Deceptikonz 'Stop Drop And Roll’ 2003
Adeaze feat Aaradhna 'Getting Stronger’ 2004
Fat Freddy’s Drop 'Wandering Eye’ 2005
The Back Seeds 'So True’ 2004
Pluto 'Long White Cross’ 2005
The Mint Chicks 'Crazy- Yes! Dumb- No!’ 2007
Evermore 'Running’ 2006
OpShop 'One Day’ 2007
Savage 'Swing’ 2005
Nesian Mystik 'Nesian 101’ 2008
Tiki Taane 'Always On My Mind’ 2008


Ladyhawke 'My Delirium’ 2008
Smashproof feat Gin Wigmore 'Brother’ 2009
Sola Rosa 'Turn Around feat. Iva Lamkum’ 2009
Lawrence Arabia 'Apple Pie Bed’ 2009
Brooke Fraser 'Something In The Water’ 2010
The Naked And Famous 'Punching In A Dream’ 2010
The Phoenix Foundation 'Buffalo’ 2010
Gin Wigmore 'Black Sheep’ 2011
Kimbra 'Settle Down’ 2011
Ladi6 'Like Water’ 2011
Aaradhna 'Wake Up’ 2012
Lorde 'Royals’ 2013
Stan Walker 'Take It Easy’ 2013
David Dallas 'Runnin’ 2013
Shapeshifter 'In Colour’ 2013
Broods 'Bridges’ 2014
Devilskin 'Start A Revolution’ 2014
Avalanche City 'Inside Out’ 2015
Six60 'White Lines’ 2015
Marlon Williams 'Dark Child’ 2015

Re: Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa (New Zealand) - The Song List

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:51 pm
by StevieFan13
Post these in the undecided lists forum, then (I'm one to talk, I know) I'd probably recommend taking a little break from list-posting. Speaking from personal experience, joining the forum for the first time is really exciting and you want to get in all the lists you can, but it's a lot of work for Henrik, and we're on the precipice of a big update.

Re: Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa (New Zealand) - The Song List

Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:21 pm
by madzong
I've posted the topic here and a link to the topic in the undecided lists. Is that the correct protocol?

Re: Volume: Making Music In Aotearoa (New Zealand) - The Song List

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:40 am
by StevieFan13
madzong wrote:I've posted the topic here and a link to the topic in the undecided lists. Is that the correct protocol?
It is, but that means a lot of adding for Henrik.