Washington Blade (USA) - Top 10 Madonna Songs (2004)

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Washington Blade (USA) - Top 10 Madonna Songs (2004)

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Material Girl: “The song that made Madonna famous is still as catchy as ever. To this day, Madonna wishes she could escape this nickname.”

Vogue: “The song that brought the gay underground dance style to the mainstream. There’s nothing like a good vogue, both the song and the dance.”

Secret: “What’s her baby’s secret? We don’t know, but this is one damn funky groove.”

Like A Virgin: “Who can ever forget that sexy MTV Music Video Awards performance with one wedding dress and a whole lot of writhing?”

Beautiful Stranger: “Try not getting this light, airy confection stuck in your head for hours on end. The perfect summertime song.”

Don’t Tell Me: “Sexy cowboys and acoustic guitars. The inescapable remixes at gay clubs were better than the album cut, but still one of her finest new gems.”

Like A Prayer: “The religious icons! The controversy! All that with a beat you can dance to.”
Express Yourself: “If any one song epitomized her career, it would be this one.”

American Life: “Madonna proves that white girls can rap — about their nannies and butlers.”

Live To Tell: “While her ballads don’t often get played in the dance clubs, this is probably her best slow song.”

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