Sunday Times (UK) - Top 10 Madonna Songs (2007)

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Sunday Times (UK) - Top 10 Madonna Songs (2007)

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1 Cherish- Quite simply one of the greatest pop songs ever. “Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way, I bet”, indeed.

2 Papa Don’t Preach- Her best vocal, and the most musically rewarding of her early songs.

3 Material Girl- The defining anthem of the greed-is-good decade?

4 Vogue- Did anyone ever master the dance steps? Maybe not, but we sang along all the same.

5 Into the Groove- The moment when, with the Desperately Seeking Susan tie-in, she went stratospheric.

6 Like a Prayer- The video was condemned as blasphemous, overshadowing this hair-raisingly good song.

7 Ray of Light- Always at her best when written off, Madonna discovered rave here, and blazed back into contention.

8 Borderline- Impossibly addictive 1980s electro, back when she pretty much owned the genre.

9 Music- A return to her dancefloor roots — reductive, in your face, unmistakable.

10 Like a Virgin- A helium-voiced come-on, touching the world for the very first time. DC

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