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Rolling Stone: 50 Greatest Who Songs

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:48 pm
by Harold
Another month, another Rolling Stone special tribute magazine, this one honoring the 50th anniversary of The Who. Here's RS' 50 greatest songs list for the band:

1- Won't Get Fooled Again
2- I Can See For Miles
3- My Generation
4- A Quick One While He's Away
5- Love, Reign O'er Me
6- Baba O'Riley
7- I Can't Explain
8- Getting In Tune
9- We're Not Gonna Take It/See Me, Feel Me
10- Eminence Front
11- Substitute
12- Behind Blue Eyes
13- Pinball Wizard
14- The Kids Are Alright
15- The Real Me
16- So Sad About Us
17- Blue, Red and Grey
18- I'm One
19- Tattoo
20- I'm Free
21- My Wife
22- The Seeker
23- Magic Bus
24- Sunrise
25- How Many Friends
26- A Legal Matter
27- Happy Jack
28- Sparks
29- Pure and Easy
30- 5:15
31- Who Are You
32- You Better You Bet
33- Pictures of Lily
34- However Much I Booze
35- The Acid Queen
36- Slip Kid
37- Long Live Rock
38- Christmas
39- I'm a Boy
40- Heaven and Hell
41- Young Man Blues
42- Let's See Action
43- I Can't Reach You
44- Trick of the Light
45- Bargain
46- Overture
47- Going Mobile
48- Another Tricky Day
49- Relax
50- Boris the Spider

Biggest surprise, besides "Eminence Front" in the top 10 (I have to think that its current prominence in a U.S. commercial might have something to do with that), is the presence of four songs from The Who By Numbers - a fine album, but I wasn't expecting so many tracks to make this list. Very happy to see "Tattoo" in the top 20. "Getting in Tune" and "Bargain" should be in each other's places.

Re: Rolling Stone: 50 Greatest Who Songs

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:57 pm
by Henrik