EOY 2013 Austin Town Hall (US)

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EOY 2013 Austin Town Hall (US)

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In alphabetical order (ranking these proved to be too great a task):

Bad Sports – Let Me In
Beisbol – That Feeling
Bent Shapes – Behead Yrself Pt. II*
Big Deal – Dream Machines
Body Parts – Be a God
Bonobo – Cirrus
Braids – Juniper
Bubblegum Lemonade – Dead Poets Make Me Smile*
Coma Cinema – Satan Made a Mansion*
Crystal Antlers – Rattlesnake
Daughn Gibson – You Don’t Fade
Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf
First Rate People – Dark Age*
Fuzz – What’s in My Head
Gambles – Far From Your Arms
Gems – All I ever
Generationals – Put a Light On*
Girls Names – Hypnotic Regression*
Golden Grrrls – We’ve Got*
Gracie – Habits
Grooms – I Think We’re Alone Now
Horrible Houses – Sun Leaving
I Break Horses – Faith*
Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal*
Legs – Go Ask Your Mother
Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End
Message to Bears – Moonlight
Mint Julep – Soon the Sea
Murray A. Lightburn – Motherfuckers
Painted Palms – Click*
Parenthetical Girls – Evelyn McHale
Phoenix – Entertainment
Ski Lodge – Boy*
Small Black – Breathless*
Still Corners – Midnight Drive
Swearin – Dust in the Gold Sack*
Tape Deck Mountain – Always Lie
The Belle Game – River (you canDL Blame Fiction)
The Black Watch – Meg
The Growlers – Someday
The Mary Onettes – Evil Coast
The National – Sea of Love
Var – The World Fell
Veronica Falls – Broken Toy*
Wampire – The Hearse (DL Trains)
Warm Soda – Reaction
Weekend – Mirror
Western Medication – 50ft. Dive (DL Dive)
White Birds – Woman
Youth Lagoon – Dropla
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