Violeta Parra - Cantos Folklóricos Chilenos

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Violeta Parra - Cantos Folklóricos Chilenos

Post by Blanco » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:12 am

This list is not an EOY list, or something like that. It is BETTER. :D
It is a list with the same style of the National Recording Preservation Board (USA) - The National Recording Registry, which is already included in AM.

This is a list of songs made ​​by Violeta Parra, one of the greatest musicians in the Chilean music. The list, as its name implies, is of Chilean folkloric (folk [?]) songs gathered in book form, and published posthumously in 1979, with the poetic text of each song, which was compiled in the 50's, besides presenting each performer and make a musical transcription of each piece, made by Luis G. Soublette. She wanted to prevent Chilean folk music was thrown into oblivion. For that reason you will see many songs from the same artist. Each of the songs has a story behind it, and each is rich poetically speaking.

Probably none of these songs will have a place in AM, as perhaps no other list will refer to these songs (Or who knows, maybe some day in a good future). But I think we should include the list not only because they make the great musical heritage that Chile had before receiving much international influence, not only because they are poetic pieces that narrate the life and work of Chileans in the early to mid-century, but because Violet gave his life so that these songs were recognized by the credit they deserve, and I think her work must be not in vain. If she had known that people like us, in other parts of the world, would value music like this, maybe she would not have taken his life.

I read on the internet that Violeta Parra collected up to 3000 songs for this book, but at least in the version I got, only this small list appears. If I can find that list, I'll post here. :)

If you are interested in the subject, here it is explained the development of the list. (Not only that footnote, but the entire page. It is written in Spanish, but it is easy to translate.)
Also, this may help if you are unsure about whether to include this list or not. (More explanation)
Source (There's a link to the entire book in PDF. Worth a look.)

Not in order:

Guillermo Reyes "On Guille" - El primer día el Señor
Don Isaías Angulo - Hay una ciudad muy lejos
Emilio Lobos - El día que Asuero estaba
Agustín Rebolledo - De Génesis "Prencipiaron"
Doña Rosa Lorca - Dios se entregó a padecer
Doña Rosa Lorca - Un hortelano de amor
Doña Rosa Lorca - En San Pedro nace el sol
Francisca Martínez - La vista dice yo veo
Francisca Martínez - La ausencia no causa olvido
Francisca Martínez - Tú eres la estrella más linda
Francisca Martínez - A la re'i de una Patagua
Francisca Martínez - Escucha vidita mía
Mercedes Guzmán vda. de Sánchez - Cuando yo salí a rodar
Doña Mercedes Rosas - Aquí me pongo a cantar
Doña Mercedes Rosas - Al pie de una sepultura
Doña Mercedes Rosas - Es aquí o no es aquí
Clarisa Sandoval - Cuando te vais a casar
Clarisa Sandoval - A dónde vas jilguerillo
Clarisa Sandoval - Miren como corre el agua
Clarisa Sandoval - Quisiera ser como el gato
Clarisa Sandoval - En los Altos de Colombia
Clarisa Sandoval - En Santiago cantó un gallo
Berta Gajardo - Una palomita soy
Berta Gajardo - Salí de las azucenas
Berta Gajardo - Amada prenda querida
Berta Gajardo - Cansados traigo los ojos
Berta Gajardo - Dónde estás prenda querida
Berta Gajardo - Adiós corazón amante
Berta Gajardo - Yo he venido ciega al mundo
Berta Gajardo - Ya llegó tu medio amante
Berta Gajardo - Quisiera saber de cierto
Berta Gajardo - Cuando dentré a tu amor
Eduviges Candia - Viva la luz de Don Creador
Eduviges Candia - Viva Dios viva la Virgen
Eduviges Candia - Vengo a verte perla hermosa
Eduviges Candia - Los padres saben sentir
Eduviges Candia - Señores y señoritas
Eduviges Candia - A verte vengo de noche
Eduviges Candia - Señora Doña María 1
Eduviges Candia - Señora Doña María 2
Eduviges Candia - De la cordillera vengo
Eduviges Candia - En el portal de Belén
Eduviges Candia - Soy como la mariposa
Eduviges Candia - Si querís que yo te quiera
Eduviges Candia - En el campo hay una yerba
Lastenia Cortez - En la cumbre de los Andes
Lastenia Cortez - Cuándo me estarán cantando
Lastenia Cortez - El gallo de mi vecina
Lastenia Cortez - Al bonito sé quererlo
Elena Saavedra - Estoy cuidando una rosa
Elena Saavedra - Una chacra que sembré
Elena Saavedra - Yo crié un palomo
Elena Saavedra - Anoche me refalé
Elena Saavedra - En la cumbre de loa Andes
Elena Saavedra - Tanta naranja ma' ura
Elena Saavedra - Muy imposible ha de ser
Elena Saavedra - Quisiera ser palomita
Elena Saavedra - En Arauco una muchacha

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