La Tercera - La Mejor Canción Chilena (2013)

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La Tercera - La Mejor Canción Chilena (2013)

Postby Blanco » Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:34 am

La Tercera - La Mejor Canción Chilena (2013)
(The Best Chilean Song)
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La Tercera suggested 25 popular music tracks to one hundred personalities of the local industry, including musicians, producers, composers and journalists, and each chose their favorite. Then the results were counted, and here they are. The songs were nominated by quality, popularity, relevance and the fact that they have marked an era and a style.

1. Gracias a la vida - Violeta Parra (1966)
2. Mira niñita - Los Jaivas (1972)
3. Te Recuerdo, Amanda - Víctor Jara (1969)
3. El derecho a vivir en paz - Víctor Jara (1971)
5. Volver a los 17 - Violeta Parra (1966)

Note that there are two numbers three. This is not an error, the two compositions of Víctor Jara were tied.

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