Acclaimed Music Meetup – 11 to 13 October in Montpellier, France

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Re: Acclaimed Music Meetup – 11 to 13 October in Montpellier, France

Post by Honorio » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:23 pm

And yes, Romain was right, there was a last chapter remaining…
Of course we thought a lot about the cover art we should reproduce, even weeks before the trip. An iconic cover art with 7 men was not so easy to find. The first cover art, suggested by Henrik, was The Pogues' "If I Should Fall from Grace with God."

It could have been great but there were two problems, The Pogues were not 7 but 8 and there were a lot of traditional instruments that should be hired for the picture. So maybe we should think about another option. 4-5 days before the trip Clare came up with an idea. Why not a Madness cover? They were 7 males…

This was the first cover art suggested by spiritualized. But no one had baggy trousers like that. I suggested instead the cover of Madness third album (aptly named "7"), easier to reproduce.

But the blind test game and the soirée of musique at Olivier's house lasted more than we thought and finally we didn't have time enough to shot the Madness picture. Was this meet-up going to end without a cover art? No, this was not possible.
During the breakfast on Sunday we talked about this. Olivier was not going to join us so we should have to think about something. I don't remember exactly who had the idea but we were calling ourselves jokingly the AM League since the karaoke night. So, why not an AM League cover art?
The first cover art we reproduced, right there on the Hotel hall, is the cover art of the US version of the single "Don't You Want Me."

We distributed the roles. Dan and me ended being the ladies and Henrik played the Phil Oakey part with a black shirt instead of a fringe. The lady of the Hotel reception shot the picture, she probably thought we were nuts. And she was right…

But we found another cover art of the single, aptly the French version, in which spiritualized could be included. We shot individual close-up pictures of everyone (also in the hotel hall). This was the original cover art…

And this was our first version…

My daughter and I toyed with the idea of adding lipstick and eyeliner to the pictures. We had a splendid time doing this, laughing out loud as we were seeing the results. So this is the second version wit the make-up (notice the bright orange on Ian/Moonbeam's lips).

And that was all about the Montpellier meet-up. Personally I just can't wait to meet the AM League again. Hope next time more and more people could join so we can have people enough to reproduce this iconic cover art!

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Re: Acclaimed Music Meetup – 11 to 13 October in Montpellier, France

Post by Romain » Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:09 pm

You are a beautiful band of crazy guys.

Can I say that the maquillage doing well with Olivier :-)

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Re: Acclaimed Music Meetup – 11 to 13 October in Montpellier, France

Post by Moonbeam » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:11 pm

I love the makeup! I'm ready to embrace my inner Jeffree Star. :lol:

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