Anyone recognize these bits of music?

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Anyone recognize these bits of music?

Post by Live in Phoenix » Fri Feb 02, 2018 7:51 pm

In the spirit of the ending football season, I thought I'd throw a Hail Mary. At worst, this won't go anywhere.

These were theme songs for a local monster movie program in the '70s and '80s. Two other ones have already have been identified: "Black Magic Woman" as played by Santana, and "Curious Electric" by Jon (Anderson, from Yes) and Vangelis. "Time" by Pink Floyd was probably also used for commercials.

Old monster movie?? (about 7 seconds in). Theme song from 5/21/77 through April 1978

The second piece of music suggests Godzilla goes disco, though my brother, the resident Godzilla genius, does not recognize it.

The Terror of Godzilla, March 1978?? (about 14 seconds in). Theme song from April 1978 through Spring 1981

(Random aside: I've done some pretty obsessive shit in the name of this site, or music in general; or for the sake of the above-mentioned TV program. Either one has yet to compare with the difficulty of learning a second language, I've noticed, so bravo to anyone here who has pulled off that feat!)

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