2011 AM World Cup

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2011 AM World Cup

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Original poll conducted by Listyguy

Managers in parenthesis.
Pool A.1
The Beatles (Edderramirez)
U2 (Dan M)
The Clash (Nick)
James Brown (Mindrocker)

Pool A.2
The Rolling Stones (Stephan)
R.E.M. (Toni)
Neil Young (Greg)
The Kinks (Schwah)

Pool A.3
Bob Dylan (Biladama)
Marvin Gaye (Nicolas)
Nirvana (Rocky Raccoon)
The Doors (Andre)

Pool A.4
David Bowie (Midaso)
The Velvet Underground (Brad)
Stevie Wonder (Nicolas)
Public Enemy (Jackson)

Pool A.5
Led Zeppelin (Nick)
The Beach Boys (Andre)
Pink Floyd (Henry)
The Byrds (Guy)

Pool A.6
Radiohead (Gillingham)
Jimi Hendrix (Listyguy)
Bob Marley (Henrik)
Van Morrison (Greg)

Pool A.7
Prince (Moonbeam)
Elvis Presley (Dan M)
Elvis Costello (Biladama)
Aretha Franklin (Alex D)

Pool A.8
Bruce Springsteen (Drewcannon3)
The Who (Henry)
The Smiths (Slick)
Talking Heads (Zorg)

Pool B.1
Michael Jackson (Alex D)
LCD Soundsystem (Nassim)
Wilco (Andre)
Fela Kuti (Stephan)

Pool B.2
Beastie Boys (Nassim)
Brian Eno (Jackson)
Kanye West (Dan M)
Vampire Weekend (Toni)

Pool B.3
Johnny Cash (Nicolas)
Black Sabbath (Brad)
Jay-Z (Drewcannon3)
Siouxsie and the Banshees (Moonbeam)

Pool B.4
Beck (Schwah)
Steely Dan (Henry)
Pearl Jam (Rocky Racoon)
Boards of Canada (Gillingham)

Pool B.5
Sly and the Family Stone (Listyguy)
The Cure (Greg)
Arcade Fire (Drewcannon3)
Eurythmics (Moonbeam)

Pool B.6
Otis Redding (Schwah)
Chuck Berry (Edderramirez)
Queen (Listyguy)
Arctic Monkeys (Guy)

Pool B.7
Blur (Nick)
Tom Waits (Biladama)
Replacements (Brad)
Nine Inch Nails (Slick)

Pool B.8
Kraftwerk (Zorg)
New Order (Midaso)
Depeche Mode (Henrik)
Coldplay (Toni)

Weekly Results

Pool Round Week 1
Johnny Cash (The Mercy Seat) def Siouxsie and the Banshees (Israel) 15-5
Beastie Boys (A Year and A Day) def Vampire Weekend (Boston) 11-10
R.E.M. (Drive) def Neil Young (Tell Me Why) 15-8
Wilco (The Late Greats) def LCD Soundsystem (Big Ideas) 13-7
The Byrds (Eight Miles High) def Led Zeppelin (Black Dog) 13-10
Eurythmics (Here Comes The Rain Again) def Sly and the Family Stone (Everybody is a Star) 12-10
Stevie Wonder (Higher Ground) def The Velvet Underground (Rock and Roll) 15-9
Bruce Springsteen (Born to Run) def Talking Heads (The Big Country) 23-0
Elvis Costello (Radio Radio) def Elvis Presley (Suspicion) 18-3
The Rolling Stones (Sympathy for the Devil) def The Kinks (You Really Got Me) 17-7
Bob Dylan (Tangled Up in Blue) def The Doors (Spanish Caravan) 17-6
Radiohead (Karma Police) def Van Morrison (Into the Mystic) 13-9
Queen (Another One Bites the Dust) def Chuck Berry (Back in the U.S.A.) 13-9
Blur (The Universal) def Nine Inch Nails (Head Like a Hole) 16-7
Black Sabbath (War Pigs) def Jay-Z (Renegade) 14-9
Fela Kuti (Water No Get Enemy) def Michael Jackson (Human Nature) 15-8

Pool Round Week 2
Kanye West (Slow Jamz) def Brian Eno (Needles in the Camel’s Eye) 13-8
Jimi Hendrix (Fire) def Bob Marley (Sun is Shining (1971 Version)) 14-7
U2 (Sunday Bloody Sunday) def The Clash (Should I Stay or Should I Go) 19-1
Beck (Devil’s Haircut) def Boards of Canada (Roygbiv) 14-7
David Bowie (Ashes to Ashes) def Public Enemy (Rebel Without a Pause) 17-6
Kraftwerk (Taschenrechner (Pocket Calculator)) ties Coldplay (Lovers in Japan) 11-11
Marvin Gaye (I Heard It Throught the Grapevine) def Nirvana (Serve the Servants) 18-4
New Order (Regret) def Depeche Mode (Oberkorn (It's a Small Town) - Development Mix) 16-2
The Smiths (How Soon is Now) def The Who (Behind Blue Eyes) 17-5
The Beach Boys (I Get Around) def Pink Floyd (Shine on You Crazy Diamond) 15-8
Otis Redding (Pain in My Heart) def Arctic Monkeys (Mardy Bum) 13-7
Tom Waits (Downtown Train) def Replacements (Bastards of Young) 13-9
Prince (Let’s Go Crazy) def Aretha Franklin (Until You Come Back to Me) 18-3
Steely Dan (Don’t Take Me Alive) def Pearl Jam (Last Kiss) 12-5
The Beatles (For No One) def James Brown (Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (In The Jungle Groove Remix)) 13-10
Arcade Fire (Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)) def The Cure (Push) 18-4

Pool Round Week 3
The Who (Won’t Get Fooled Again) def Talking Heads (Burning Down the House) 13-9
Led Zeppelin (The Ocean) def Pink Floyd (Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2) 12-9
Stevie Wonder (Superstition) def David Bowie (Space Oddity) 16-5
LCD Soundsystem (Get Innocuous) def Fela Kuti (Colonial Mentality) 12-7
The Clash (Spanish Bombs) def The Beatles (A Hard Day’s Night) 11-10
The Kinks (Shangri-La) def R.E.M. (World Leader Pretend) 11-10
Blur (Tender) def Replacements (Color Me Impressed) 11-5
Aretha Franklin (Baby I Love You) def Elvis Presley ((Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame) 10-9
Bob Dylan (Ballad of a Thin Man) def Nirvana (The Man Who Sold the World) 15-6
Kanye West (All of the Lights) def Beastie Boys (I Don’t Know) 14-4
Otis Redding (Hard to Handle) def Queen (Keep Yourself Alive) 12-6
The Smiths (William, It Was Really Nothing) def Bruce Springsteen (Darkness on the Edge of Town) 12-9
Johnny Cash (The Man Comes Around) def Jay-Z (Cashmere Thoughts) 13-6
The Velvet Underground (All Tomorrow’s Parties) def Public Enemy (Public Enemy No. 1) 20-1
Arcade Fire (Rebellion (Lies)) def Sly and the Family Stone (Family Affair) 14-8
U2 (Where the Streets Have No Name) def James Brown (Public Enemy (Part 1)) 14-6

Pool Round Week 4
Nine Inch Nails (Dead Souls) def Tom Waits (Top of the Hill) 8-4
Bob Marley (No Woman, No Cry) def Radiohead (Street Spirit (Fade Out)) 8-7
Michael Jackson (Rock With You) def Wilco (On and On and On) 10-7
New Order (True Faith) def Coldplay (Everything’s Not Lost) 11-4
Marvin Gaye (Inner City Blues) def The Doors (Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)) 15-2
Brian Eno (Baby’s On Fire) def Vampire Weekend (Run) 9-6
The Rolling Stones (Jumpin’ Jack Flash) def Neil Young (Old Man) 10-4
Elvis Costello (Oliver’s Army) def Prince (Raspberry Beret) 8-7
Pearl Jam (Corduroy) def Beck (Hotwax) 9-5
The Beach Boys (Wouldn’t It Be Nice) def The Byrds (I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better) 12-2
Siouxsie and the Banshees (Cities in Dust) def Black Sabbath (The Wizzard) 9-5
Kraftwerk (Europa Endlos (Europe Endless)) def Depeche Mode (The Great Outdoors!) 8-3
Steely Dan (Doctor Wu) def Boards of Canada (Julie and Candy) 8-4
Eurythmics (Love is a Stranger) def The Cure (Play For Today) 7-5
Chuck Berry (Memphis, Tennessee) draws Arctic Monkeys (Cornerstone) 7-7
Jimi Hendrix (Crosstown Traffic) def Van Morrison (Fair Play) 8-4

Pool Round Week 5
Johnny Cash (Folsom) def Black Sabbath (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) 13-5
Jay-Z (99 Problems) def Siouxsie and the Banshees (Night Shift) 13-5
Replacements (Alex Chilton) def Nine Inch Nails (Hurt) 12-7
Blur (Coffee and TV) draws Tom Waits (Tom Traubert's Blues) 9-9
Chuck Berry (Sweet Little Sixteen) def Otis Redding (Mr. Pitiful) 10-6
Queen (Stone Cold Crazy) def Arctic Monkeys (View From the Afternoon) 10-8
Vampire Weekend (Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa) def Kanye West (Through the Wire) 11-5
Beastie Boys (Hey Ladies) draws Brian Eno (Mother Whale Eyeless) 9-9
Arcade Fire (Haiti) def Eurythmics (Step on the Beast) 9-8
The Cure (Just Like Heaven) def Sly and the Family Stone (Everyday People) 12-8
Wilco (Jesus, Etc) def Fela Kuti (Zombie) 10-8
Michael Jackson (Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough) LCD Soundsystem (All I Want) 14-4
New Order (Crystal) def Kraftwerk (Die Roboter (The Robots)) 14-3
Coldplay (The Scientist) def Depeche Mode (Dangerous) 11-6
Steely Dan (My Old School) def Beck (Lonesome Tears) 9-7
Pearl Jam (Black) def Boards of Canada (Dayvan Cowboy) 14-4

Pool Round Week 6
Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb) def The Byrds (My Back Pages) 12-8
Led Zeppelin (When the Levee Breaks) def The Beach Boys (Hang Onto Your Ego) 15-5
Stevie Wonder (Uptight (Everything’s Alright)) def Public Enemy (Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos) 11-7
David Bowie (Life On Mars) def The Velvet Underground (Sweet Jane) 14-7
Prince (Kiss) def Elvis Presley (In the Ghetto) 11-9
Aretha Franklin (Think) def Elvis Costello (I Want You) 11-9
The Beatles (Golden Slumbers Medley) def U2 (Desire) 12-8
James Brown (Get on the Good Foot) def The Clash (White Riot) 10-9
Bob Dylan (This Wheel’s On Fire) def Marvin Gaye (Ain’t That Peculiar) 10-8
The Doors (Riders on the Storm) def Nirvana (About a Girl) 13-6
Radiohead (Everything In It’s Right Place) def Jimi Hendrix (Foxy Lady) 12-8
Bob Marley (Get Up, Stand Up) def Van Morrison (She Gives Me Religion) 14-5
The Kinks (Waterloo Sunset) def Neil Young (Cortez the Killer) 15-3
The Rolling Stones (Tumbling Dice) def R.E.M. (Radio Free Europe) 12-8
Talking Heads (The Great Curve) draw The Smiths (Bigmouth Strikes Again) 10-10
Bruce Springsteen (Thunder Road) def The Who (Pinball Wizard) 12-8

Pool round ends, playoffs begin.

Week of 32
U2 (Beautiful Day) def The Kinks (Apeman) 12-6
The Smiths (This Charming Man) def Elvis Costello (Alison) 13-5
Jimi Hendrix (Little Wing) def Led Zeppelin (Dazed and Confused) 12-5
Marvin Gaye (Ain’t No Mountain High Enough) def Stevie Wonder (Another Star) 13-4
Bob Dylan (Subterranean Homesick Blues) def David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) 10-8
The Beach Boys (Good Vibrations) def Radiohead (Paranoid Android) 11-7
Bruce Springsteen (The River) def Prince (Little Red Corvette) 11-6
The Rolling Stones (Gimme Shelter) def The Beatles (Eleanor Rigby) 14-4
Micheal Jackson (Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’) def Brian Eno (The Big Ship) 11-5
New Order (Ceremony) def Tom Waits (‘Ol 55) 13-2
Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) def Arcade Fire (Keep the Car Running) 11-6
Steely Dan (Kid Charlemagne) def Jay-Z (Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Bitter Sweet Symphony) 14-1
Pearl Jam (Better Man) def Johnny Cash (San Quetin) 8-7
Otis Redding (I Can’t Turn You Loose (Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go)) def Eurythmics (Take Me To Your Heart) 13-3
Coldplay (Clocks) def Blur (This is a Low) 10-8
Kanye West (Monster) def Wilco (Misunderstood) 10-8

Week of 16
U2 (One) def The Smiths (There is a Light that Never Goes Out) 10-9
Marvin Gaye (Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)) def Jimi Hendrix (Hey Joe) 10-8
The Beach Boys (God Only Knows) def Bob Dylan (Blind Willle McTell) 16-3
The Rolling Stones (You Can’t Always Get What You Want) def Bruce Springsteen (Atlantic City) 15-4
New Order (Age of Consent) def Michael Jackson (Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool) 16-1
Queen (Killer Queen) ties Steely Dan (Aja) 9-9*
Otis Redding (These Arms of Mine) def Pearl Jam (Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town) 11-6
Coldplay (Viva La Vida) def Kanye West (Gold Digger) 10-8
*Tiebreaker: Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) def Steely Dan (Reelin’ in the Years) 9-5

Week of 8
U2 (I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For) def Marvin Gaye (Sexual Healing) 17-2
The Rolling Stones (Paint It, Black) def The Beach Boys (Don’t Worry Baby) 13-6
New Order (Temptation) ties Queen (Under Pressure) 9-9*
Otis Redding (Try a Little Tenderness) def Coldplay (Yellow) 10-8
*Tiebreaker: New Order (Blue Monday) def Queen (Don’t Stop Me Now) 9-5

Week of 4
The Rolling Stones (Brown Sugar) def U2 (Pride (In the Name of Love)) 11-7
Otis Redding (I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)) def New Order (Bizarre Love Triangle) 9-8

Otis Redding (Sitin’ on the Dock of the Bay) def The Rolling Stones ((I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction) 15-6
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