Top Poetry Albums

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RankAll Time
ArtistAlbumYearSubgenre(s)Other Genre(s)
1 1191 The Last Poets The Last Poets 1970
2 1791 Linton Kwesi Johnson Bass Culture 1980 Dub Poetry
3 1816 Linton Kwesi Johnson Forces of Victory 1979 Dub Poetry
4 2652 The Last Poets This Is Madness 1971

Albums "bubbling under" the all-time top 3000:
Poet and the Roots Dread, Beat an' Blood 1978 Dub Poetry
The Fugs The Village Fugs/The Fugs' First Album 1965 Beat Poetry Folk Rock
Garage Rock
Psychedelic Folk
Linton Kwesi Johnson Tings an' Times 1991 Dub Poetry