Lee Morgan
The Sidewinder

Genres: Hard Bop

Parent genres: Bebop, Jazz

Best of All-time Lists, Best of Decade Lists, etc.
Double Time (USA) - Top 100 Historically Significant Recordings 14
Fast 'n' Bulbous (USA) - The 1000 Best Albums of All Time (Updated 2015) 353
Jazz 88.3 FM (USA) - 88 Jazz Recordings You Should Have in Your Jazz Collection No Order
NPR (USA) - Basic Jazz Record Library (2000) No Order
Stereophile (USA) - 40 Years of Stereophile: The 40 (+94) Essential Albums (2002) No Order
The Recording Academy Grammy Hall of Fame Albums and Songs (USA) Winner
Tom Moon (USA) - 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die (2008) Catalog entry
John Fordham (UK) - Jazz: Gallery of Classics (1994) No Order
The Guardian (UK) - 1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die (2007) No Order
Pop (Sweden) - The American Music Club: 50 Jazz Albums (1996) No Order
Jazzguide (Germany) - Recommended Records No Order
Ralf Dombrowski (Germany) - Basis-Diskothek Jazz (2005) No Order
Rondo (Germany) - Jazz Milestones No Order
All Music Guide (USA) - Album Ratings 1-5 Stars 5 Stars
MusicHound (USA) - Album Ratings 0-5 Bones (1998-99) 5 Bones
Rolling Stone Album Guide, Ratings 0-5 Stars (USA, 1979 and/or 1983) 4 Stars
The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD (6th Ed., 2002), Ratings 1-4 Stars, or a Crown Crown
Le Guide du CD (France) - Ratings from 1 to 4 Stars & "GOLD" (1991-1997) 3 Stars
Music Story (France) - Album Ratings 1-5 Stars 4.5 Stars

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