Acclaimed Music - You're So Vain
Carly Simon
You're So Vain

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Bruce Pollock (USA) - The 7,500 Most Important Songs of 1944-2000 (2005) No Order
Dave Marsh & Kevin Stein (USA) - The 40 Best of the Top 40 Singles by Year (1981) 5
Greil Marcus (USA) - STRANDED: "Treasure Island" Singles (1979) No Order
Pause & Play (USA) - Songs Inducted into a Time Capsule, One Track at Each Week No Order
RIAA and NEA (USA) - 365 Songs of the Century (2001) 216
The Recording Academy Grammy Hall of Fame Albums and Songs (USA) No Order
2FM (Ireland) - Top 100 Singles of All Time (2003) 32
Mojo (UK) - The Ultimate Jukebox: 100 Singles You Must Own (2003) 60
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